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2022 September Issue

Greetings from Principal Rowell

Dear Kohler Families!

The school year is off to a great start! We have a lot to be grateful for and want to start out by celebrating our students - who are adapting to the new school year and a few adjustments. Additionally, we want to thank our families for their continued support of our school and the practices in place that afford us the opportunity to create a safe and welcoming school community for all students. Finally, our teachers have been working hard to create a caring and engaging learning environment.

We have spent a few days sharing information with high school students on their responses in an Active Threat situation. We completed this for all high school students right away, as juniors and seniors who are in good academic standing and have good attendance, are able to opt out of study hall/advisory this year. This is an incentive that was put in place last year. The safety teachings, specific to Avoid, Deny and Defend will continue for our middle school students over the course of the next few Mondays.

The car rider lines for drop off and pick up are going well and operating very efficiently and most importantly our students are safe as they walk to the entrance of the building. We continue to monitor the parking on School, Church and Orchard Street, and want to remind families that the new parking lot is to be used for drop off and pick up.

Please remind your child to bring their student ID to school, as they are being asked to show these when they enter the building. This practice will be fully implemented as soon as we complete our make-up day for pictures, in October; and the flow of traffic in the parking lot no longer needs to be monitored. The reason for checking IDs is twofold: for all the new staff to learn student names and to ensure safety. A student will never be refused entry into school because they do not have their student ID.

Please encourage your child to remain organized and on top of their daily assignments, and to reach out for help as soon as necessary. One way is to keep a planner with assignment due dates and also to use study hall time wisely to complete homework assignments or prepare for upcoming quizzes and tests.

We are excited to welcome back Mrs. O’Connor, on a part-time basis next week. I know that students will be happy to have her back. Feel free to reach out to teachers, our school counselors, activities/athletic director or myself if we can be of any assistance to you and your child(ren). We look forward to partnering with you in your child’s educational journey.



In order to maintain accurate attendance reporting, students will have up to 2 weeks to clear up an attendance query. If a student is absent in a current week they have until the following Friday to take care of the attendance with Mrs. Andrews, in the main office.

Band - 6th grade

Enjoy a short segment of the first rehearsal for 6th grade band. This is a great example of progress not perfection. ENJOY!

Song No. 10

Building Access

The main office is open from 7-4pm daily. Students have access to the building until 3:15pm. If students need to enter between 3:15pm - 3:30pm, they must enter through the main office and be supervised, by a staff member, to walk through the building.

Door 1, at the event lobby, will be open for access for athletes from 3:00pm - 9:00pm.

Dress Code

Kohler Schools has a dress code policy and handbook expectations aligned with the policy. We ask that students be mindful of their attire. A friendly reminder that the expectation for headwear is highlighted in the policy.

Included are two resources, for your review, should you have any questions. Student Handbook and po5511 Dress and Grooming. This information was part of the registration process and families signed the Expectation Booklet with these policies / practices.

Homecoming Dance - October 1, 2022

We are looking forward to a fun week of activities. We will be having a pep rally and a parade on Friday, September 30, 2022 and invite our families to attend the parade which starts at 2:30pm. Included is information about our dress-up days and schedule. Please plan to join us on Church street for the parade, to enjoy the camaraderie, seeing the student made floats and to cheer on our football team for the game against Kiel High School.

PBIS Middle School (MS)

Each quarter our teachers set a goal for all middle school students. For the first quarter the goal is focused on preparedness. Students and teachers are focusing on the following behaviors:

- be on time (so that students do not miss important information)

- be prepared (bring all the necessary supplies to each class)

Please remind your child about this goal and reinforce the importance of being on time and ready to learn.


Is scheduled for October 12, 2022, in the Village Gym. This is an optional assessment for juniors.

Safety and Security

We take security seriously at Kohler Schools. We want to thank our Chief of Police, Chief Shawn Splivalo and our Community Resource Officer, Officer Matt Hocevar, for all they do. We are extremely grateful for their assistance with ensuring safety in our parking lots and on the streets around our school.

Skyward Student Access - 6th grade

Students received their passwords and directions on how to sign in to their skyward student access to see their assignments and grades during advisory. Please check in with your child, to make sure they have this information.

Spanish Class - 6th grade

Every year, the Mexican people celebrate their Independence on Sept 16th. On the eve of that day, the Mexican president gives a speech honoring the heroes who made their independence possible and the Mexican people raise their voices to honor them as well. This event is a reenactment of the "Grito de Dolores," made by Padre Miguel Hidalgo, which sparked the Mexican Independence movement. This is what the 6th grade Spanish class learned about and reenacted.

Study Hall

All students in grades 9 and 10 and those in an intervention class are scheduled into a study hall and are expected to be on campus.

The state requires that schools meet a specific number of instructional minutes, per year, and study hall is included in this. The only exception for this school year, is for juniors and seniors who have opted out due to being in good academic standing and good attendance. We will be evaluating this practice at the end of this year.

From the desk of Ms. Nachreiner - High School Counselor

Hi KHS families! It has been great getting to know a lot of you over the past few weeks. I look forward to working with all of our students this coming school year.

I will be out of office from September 21 - September 25 to attend a conference on College Counseling and Advising. I am looking forward to learning and growing in the college admissions world and sharing what I learn with our students.


  • All Spring Semester ECCP applications are due no later than October 1 to either myself or Mrs. Andrews in the front office.

  • I will be hosting a Financial Aid Night (FAFSA) for seniors and their families on October 24, in the band room beginning at 5:30pm. We have a guest speaker coming from Lakeland College to share her knowledge on this process.

From the desk of Mr. Sprenger - Activities and Athletics Director

Fall sports are currently in full swing, and there have been many great things happening in Kohler Sports. However, before that is discussed, I would first like to thank all the coaches for their hard work and dedication.

Coaching is one of the most physically and mentally demanding jobs out there, yet every one of our coaches, from youth to high school, always has a smile and gives it their all every day for our student-athletes. So, I’ll say it with pride and sincerity when I say Kohler School District has some of the best coaches in the state, and I appreciate every one of our coaches for what they do every day and night for our student-athletes.

KLC Football

One thing I notice when watching KLC football is that they are a team that never quits. Every week KLC football improves. On September 9th, KLC got their first win of the season in a gritty 14-13 win. The team currently has a 1-3 record but continues to improve each week. The homecoming game is on September 30th, and we hope the grandstands continue to be packed with KLC supporters!

Boy's Soccer

Boy’s soccer is off to a great start this season and is currently first in the Big East Conference, and the team’s overall record is 4-2. The Kohler soccer team always plays with a lot of heart and continues to impress weekly with their play! Make sure to come out to Ebben Field to support the team!

KLF Swim and Dive

The KLF swim and dive team is off to a great start! The team hosted their last home meet of the season, and every event always had a packed crowd cheering on the team. In the season's first meet, Amber Hess broke the team and pool diving record. In addition to that, as a team, the girl’s won every event at the Sheboygan relay and finished third at the Jaguar Meet in Ashwaubenon, which typically has tough competition from larger schools!

Girl's Volleyball

The Bomber Volleyball team is currently in third place in the Big East and got a big conference win at home against Elkhart Lake. The girl’s always put forth a lot of effort and continue to grow as the season progresses. They will close out the season with three games in a row at home starting on September 29th, so come out and cheer on the team!

Girl's Tennis

The girl’s tennis team is currently in first place in the Big East Conference and has performed very well at several big invites. Each member of the team always plays with a lot of energy and heart while on the court. They have several upcoming home events at Sports Core, so come on out to support the team!

MS and HS Cross Country

Middle school cross country is off to an impressive start. The boys' and girls' teams have finished first in multiple events this season and continue to get stronger as the season progresses. The high school boy’s team is currently ranked FIRST in the state and has also won several big events. The girl’s team continues to perform very well. They had several top-five performances. This is the first time Kohler has been able to field a full girl’s team in several years! We are proud of the teams.

Social Media Accounts

Kohler HS Musical

This year's high school musical will be “Little Shop of Horrors”! Practice has begun for this, and the shows will take place from November 3rd to the 6th. If you would like to purchase tickets, use this link. This will be a show you will not want to miss!

Youth Sports

All of the youth fall sports are currently in full swing. It has been great seeing so many of Kohler’s youth participating in various sports. High participation in youth sports leads to high participation numbers in high school.

A big shout out to all youth coaches who volunteer their time to ensure that Kohler’s youth can participate in sports. Every time I walk past a youth sports practice, the student-athletes seem to be having fun and smiling, so hats off to all of the youth coaches for making it an enjoyable experience for all participating!

Final Thoughts and Shout Outs

The Legendary coach John Wooden said, “Be true to yourself, help others, make each day your masterpiece.” This is something I try to live by every day, and it has become quite evident that many people in Kohler also live by this motto. Since my time in Kohler, many people have continued to go above and beyond to help so that Kohler School District and our athletics program can continue to be a “masterpiece.” Below are just a few people that I would like to thank and give a shout-out to for all their hard work.

  • Kohler Bomber Booster Club, and everyone that has helped with working concessions.

  • Kohler School Friends.

  • All the parents of our student-athletes.

  • Everyone who works behind the scenes, notably Ms. Andrews, who helps with managing all the paperwork and scheduling buses.

  • Raven Gmach, who is Kohler’s new trainer.

  • All of the coaches and people who help with the youth program.

  • All of the event workers who help ensure events run smoothly.

  • The bus drivers and officials.

  • The facility and maintenance crews that help with event set up and take down.

  • Thank you to all the parents who have stepped up to help with transportation during the nationwide bus driver shortage.

  • The crowds who have been showing up to events to cheer the team on in an appropriate manner. Every game I have attended has had crowds that were welcoming to the visiting team and officials. It is always nice to hear from officials that they want to return to Kohler.

To make each day a masterpiece, you need to have multiple components to accomplish that. Everyone on the list is the reason why Kohler is known as a great place to visit and play at. I look forward to seeing all the great things our student-athletes do for the rest of the season! Thank you to everyone who helps our student-athletes.

School Spirit

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Friday, September 23: Professional Development - NO school

Friday, September 30, 2022: Homecoming