How To Internet

A masterclass on the basics of interneting


The three things that people on the internet hate most are, trolls, idiots and people that don't know how to English.


Everybody hates a troll, if you're going on to YouTube just to post negative comments, think about how little people care for you're opinion, you're just going to get a lot of hate.
If you come across a troll, don't feed the troll, if you retaliate they are getting what they want, however if you reply like a sir or sarcastically that will discourage them.
Trolls are the common people on sites that make comments that will aggravate people on the site e.g. posting negatives comments about a music artist on their video, unless it's Justin Bieber because then it's completely necessary; or any of the "singers" in the mainstream media.

A very descriptive video on trolls

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up!

Communicating Properly

Don't be an idiot online, unless it's actually funny, be respectful and don't use language that could be offensive. Being sarcastic is welcomed on many sites but being stupid is not. If you are asking a really obvious question, it's better to Google it than ask someone because the response would most likely ridicule you. Learning the internet will come naturally as you use it more and you will learn phrases such as "inb4" and "RIP In Pieces". But r3m3mb3r 1f y0u 5ay "y0l0" or "5wag" th3 1n73rn37 7h1nks y0u ar3 a h0m053xual and 7ha7 3v3ry0n3 y0u'v3 n3v3r m37 ha5 ac7ually had 53xual r3la71on5 w17h y0ur 0n3 0f y0ur r3la71v35; b3cau53 l0g1c.

Learning English Again

What's acceptable: u, r, ur, lol, xD e.g. most abbreviations and emotes.
What is unacceptable however is improper grammar and stupid language/sentences. For example if someone comments on YouTube saying something along the lines of "[insert irrelevant band here] is so much better than [insert band in the video here], [insert band in the video here] sucks [insert irrelevant band here]'s ****" but with much worse grammar and spelling. Some common replies to this are "kill it before it lays eggs" and "i think its trying to communicate".
If u make a mistake in ur comment it wont rly matter because ppl can understand it and figure out wat u meant, but if ur being stupid and/or annoy ppl r gonna hate ur sorry behind.

Oh, and learn memes

Memes are jokes on the internet that use rage comic faces and famous figures. Some sites are:
But Googling "meme" will usually get you some.
To have the best time on the internet it is good to know some recent memes such as the very popular as of late October 2013 "Doge" meme.