Mrs. Cormack's Class Newsletter

For the Week of May 6th-10th

What We Will Be Learning About This Week

Math: This week we will be continuing with our exploration of the underlying process of multiplication and division. The students have opportunities to model, create, and describe multiplication and division situations in which equivalent sets of concrete objects are either joined or separated. They will solve these problems in the context of everyday experiences and they will use logical reasoning to justify their thinking. Thursday and Friday the students will be able to work on Math Menus, all of them related to multiplication and division.

Social Studies: For the final weeks of school, we will be learning about economics! The students will learn about goods, services, producers, consumers, basic needs, and about our free enterprise system in the U.S.A. Students will have opportunities to listen to books read aloud, view films, and respond to their learning by creating a business!

Word Study: Students will have their last word sort given this week. They will speed sort and glue the week of the 20th.

Writing/Language Arts: Students will take their research from Reading Workshop and begin writing an All About Animal book about an animal of their choice. In Language Arts, we will focus on plurals: -s, -es, words that change to make plurals, and plurals of words that end in y.

Reading: After a week of showing the students how to research nonfiction animal books and how to locate specific facts, the students get to show off their learning by researching an animal of their choice independently. Students will begin by filling in a web that will contain a variety of topics on their animal. They will have the opportunity to read from two sources: one book and one website, and then properly cite those sources. After all the research, the students will compile their information into an All About Animal Research book.

End of Year Conferences and Conference Forms

Everyone will receive a conference form at the end of the year, similar to the one from the beginning of the year.

Some of you have already been contacted about in-person conferences. These conferences begin the week of the 20th. If you have not been contacted about having an in-person conference with me, then we do not need to have one. If you would like to have a conference but have not been contacted about doing so, then feel free to email me and we can set one up.

For everyone: There will be two conference forms sent home. One is for you to sign and the other is for you to keep.

I will email you the day before a scheduled conference as a reminder.

Volunteer Luncheon

The Volunteer Luncheon will be on Tuesday, May 7th. Our lunch time is from 11:00-11:30 am. Hope to see you there!


I am so excited about seeing the student's homework on Monday! I will not post anything until I see everyone's work Monday after school. On Tuesday, I will let the class know if we still have homework or not......

Dates to Remember

May 3rd: Carnival 5-8 pm (Parent volunteers are needed so see link below!!)

May 3rd: last day to check out library books for the year

May 7th: Volunteer Luncheon (Click link for invitation to join us for lunch!)

May 10th: All library books due in the library

May 16th: Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night

May 25th: Jack B.'s Birthday!

May 27th: Holiday

May 26th-May 31st: Student Appreciation Week

May 31st: Class party in our room from 1:00-1:45

June Birthdays: Avery (17th) and Madhu (19th)

July Birthdays: Griffin (2nd), Ali (14th), August (15th)

Library Books and Overdue Books

The last day to CHECK OUT books will be May 3rd.

The last day to RETURN books will be May 10th.

If your student is sent home with an overdue notice, PLEASE make sure that the books are found and returned next week, or send in a check to pay for the books.

Book Fair

The Book Fair will be the week of May 20th! I will put together a wish list next week! Come by and check it out the week of the 20th!

Spotlight Stallion

Peter is so excited to go home with Jack D. this weekend! Yeah Jack! We can't wait to hear all about your adventures with Peter Rabbit!

Jack left before I could get a good picture of him, but here is one with Philip! Yeah Jack!

End of Year Class Party and Student Appreciate Week

Be on the lookout for information about our Class Party on the last day of school! It will be from 1:00-1:45 on May 31st! (although we are talking about changing it to Thursday...I will let you know what we decide).

For the last week of school, I will have Student Appreciate Week! Everyday that week, the student's will be treated with something special!