Death to Coral Reefs

By: Meagan Stovall

Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are a home to many different species of fish. Unfortunately these fish will slowly die off because ofnatural and human destruction. This is killing the reefs and now the fish. Boats sometimes scrape the reefs breaking off pieces and hurricanes do the same. Without coral reefs we would be missing a large population of fish throwing off the food web.

Negative Effects on the enviroment

With the homes of lots of fish destroyed this could kill off a population of fish and killing that species predator and so on finally reaching a fish that humans may eat. League City doesn't have this problem but if more boat traffic is soon to come we may start to have dead coral reef every where.

Where does death to coral reefs happen?

Causes of dead coral reefs:

-Boat propellers and the bottom of boats scrape coral reefs


-Trash and debris often has an effect on tearing apart coral reefs

Different types of wildlife in coral reefs

There are lots of different fish and in coral reefs and when they get torn apart these fish are likely to die because they become more vulnerable to the environment and predators.

Saving coral reefs

Although we cant stop natural disasters to coral reefs, we can always help pick up debris and pollution. There aren't really any solutions that have worked completely but this may become a big problem and we need to save our beautiful ocean reefs in order to keep our beautiful fish as well.
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