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South Windsor's Monthly Ed Tech Newsletter, December 2015

December News

The results are in, and our newsletter has a title. "Bits and Bytes" won 46 percent of the votes cast, with "The Monthly Download" coming in second. Thank you to the many readers who participated in our survey.

This month's edition focuses on the ways teachers and students can use Google's "My Maps" to organize information, to collaborate, and to publish learning. My Maps, which is integrated with Google Drive, allows users to create custom maps, pin locations, and add information and media to layers.

Are you ready to take your students on a journey with My Maps? Our content coaches can help you prepare students to recreate Huckleberry Finn's trip down the Mississippi River, to document historic sites, and to measure distance and area.

Steve Albrecht, Curriculum Specialist

Debbie Matchett, Content Coach

Ed Duclos, Content Coach

ELA: Create Lit Trips with My Maps

Social Studies: Postcards from the Past

In this learning activity, students conduct research and compare and contrast images to understand the impact of change over time. To begin, students locate primary source images of historic places. Students also find contemporary photographs of those same places today. If studying local history, students can even take their own pictures.

Using My Maps, students "pin" those locations and attach both their primary source images and their present-day photos. Students compare images in order to gain understanding of change over time.

Math: Measure Distance and Area

World Language: Create a Virtual Field Trip