FHS Newsletter

Novemeber 2013

Need help with your website?

I know that so many of you feel that you don't have a minute to your name. This year has seemed full of new challenges and a steep learning curve. One area I have heard lots of you talking about is challenges you have faced in updating your website. Please feel free to email me or stop by for some help with any issues you face. I love working with websites and nothing makes me happier than fixing problems so your job becomes less stressful.

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Symbaloo anyone?

One way I can help is to create a custom page for each class you teach. I usually use Symbaloo, a free social bookmarking site. This allows you to create links to websites when you have a current project due. You can also create templates in Google Drive and share them with students. Just think, no more explaining what you want the project to look like. Students just click a button and start typing. I am sharing an example of a page I created for Mr. Phillips. He was kind enough to let me play around with this idea.

Find our Symbaloo page on the Library website

You may find the links to all of our databases on either the Quick Search page or the Database Page. Everyone should have their access codes for all databases. If you don't have a personalized card, please let me know. I will also sit down and do individual lesson for any database you might like to know more about.

Position Paper Anyone?

I heard of really neat website the other day. The name of the website is procon.org and it was voted one the Top 25 best free reference websites by the American Library Association.