May and June in Review

Dot Divas Stella & Dot Team

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May & June Review

Words can't really express the excitement that I have had over the last couple of months. This incredible team is growing by leaps and bounds. I have loved hearing all of you fabulous ladies share your goals with me and one another. As we get into July and August we have so many things to be excited about. NOW IS THE TIME to grow your business and build your teams. As we prepare for the new compensation plan, that will make promotions and more commissions even easier, make sure YOU have announced your goals and written down a plan to get there. I already know there are quite a few people with STAR teams raring and ready to go as we hit September. If you need help with your goals, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I would love to help you make your dreams a reality. We can all do this together, and hey, maybe even get a free trip from all of our hard work. (SEE DETAILS AND READ BELOW) xo -Kristen

Jen Cyzeska #1 IN SALES - MAY $3705.50

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Congratulations on your promotion to SENIOR STYLIST Corrina LaHiff!

Corrina has done incredible things with her business. She is always one of the top in sales, even after going back to work full time. I am constantly impressed by the way you run your business. You have grown a great team, so far, who all work so hard at this business. I know it is all due to your tips and support as their mentor. I know incredible things are to come with you this summer and fall. I can't wait to see you grow as a leader!!!! Star is right around the corner. Way to go! xo
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Top in Sales- MAY

1 Jennifer Kim $3,705.50

2 Johanne Jensen-Ives $3,079.49

3 Rachael Goldman $2,719.65

4 Corinna LaHiff $2,496.88

Kristen Makins $2,378.31

5 Robin Peruggia $2,134.82

6 Hope Stanley $2,054.30

7 Hailey Riley $1,457.00

8 Sheryl Hamzey $1,293.50

9 amy darby $1,105.50

10 Betsy Conley $1,046.50

Natali Elledge #1 IN SALES - JUNE $2034.90


I want to be a great stylist for Stella & Dot, so I hit the ground running. I wanted to do my very best and meet the goals I have set for myself. I asked a lot of people for their support during my launch. And it turned out to be an incredibly positive experience. I also worked on outside orders after the show. I called a few people who came to my show that told me that they would be needing gifts in the future. One was a graduation gift, birthday gift, and love present. :) One person couldn't come to my show so they just placed an order online to take advantage of Dot Dollars. I can't wait to see what the next month will bring for me. I already have 3 shows on the books and I am looking to add 2 more.

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Congratulations on your promotion to LEAD STYLIST Jen Cyzeska!

Jen you amaze me with your incredible sales, busy full time job, and excitement for everything. I am so happy you decided to start a team. You will be an incredible leader. Way to go on your promotion girlfriend! xo
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Top in Sales - JUNE

Kristen Makins $2,832.30

1 Natali Elledge $2,034.90

2 Hailey Riley $1,726.50

3 Alyssa Pinnock $1,535.70

4 Danielle Currie $1,520.00

5 Rebecca Rivkin-Czarkowski $1,437.09

6 Johanne Jensen-Ives $933.80

7 Megan Goehler $927.30

8 Jennifer Kim $905.05

9 Corinna LaHiff $893.20

10 Robin Peruggia $885.65

Top In Sponsoring


Kristen Makins 1

Alyssa Pinnock 1

Hailey Riley 1


Kristen Makins 3

Robin Peruggia 1

Jennifer Kim 1

Rolling in the Dough....Extra 5% Commission! (Sold $2308+)


Jennifer Kim $3,705.50

Johanne Jensen-Ives $3,079.49

Rachael Goldman $2,719.65

Corinna LaHiff $2,496.88

Kristen Makins $2,378.31


Kristen Makins $2,832.30

FREE Business Supplies! (Sold $500+)


Robin Peruggia $2,134.82

Hope Stanley $2,054.30

Hailey Riley $1,457.00

Sheryl Hamzey $1,293.50

amy darby $1,105.50

Betsy Conley $1,046.50

Aleksandra Palmer $1,003.00

Alyssa Pinnock $983.20

Rebecca Rivkin-Czarkowski $902.30

Audra Gilman $851.00

Marjorie STALEY $844.55

Jackie Martin $746.80

Bonnie Lee $679.00

Carrie Browning $588.40

Dana Rumsey $573.20

Brooklyn Brusse $511.30

Danielle Currie $500.58


Natali Elledge $2,034.90

Hailey Riley $1,726.50

Alyssa Pinnock $1,535.70

Danielle Currie $1,520.00

Rebecca Rivkin-Czarkowski S$1,437.09

Johanne Jensen-Ives S$933.80

Megan Goehler $927.30

Jennifer Kim $905.05

Corinna LaHiff $893.20

Robin Peruggia $885.65

Katie Caparros $831.15

amy darby $812.50

Nicole Rollin $755.50

Audra Gilman $644.80

Carrie Browning $624.79

melissa waters $618.00

Kelly Laramie $526.50


Shari Pawlus $509.60

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GLAM GETAWAY!!!!! Who's going with me?!!?!!??

Ladies, this is the best "carrot" that Stella & Dot has to offer. My first year I signed up as a stylist the last week in January. The Glam trip was announced the first day of March to the Bahamas. That DAY, I set my mind to it, made a plan, and earned my trip to the Bahamas that August…. oh did I mention I did this while working full time, then on bed rest for 5 months.

I don't care if you are NEW, OLD, RE-ENGAGING, PART TIME, FULL TIME, AN ANT ON THE GROUND…. EVERYONE AND I MEAN EVERYONE has a shot at this (well maybe not the Ant on the ground! ;) ) Please let me know if this is your goal and I will help you to make this happen. I promise you, it is worth the work and effort. Let's do this!!! xo