Eagle Flyer

June 1-6, 2015/Announcement KF & KG

Principal's Message

I cannot believe it's the last week of school! You've worked very hard this year and it is evident! Thank you for making this one of my best academic school years. I've learned so many things about myself as an instructional leader and I hope that you can say the same.

We have a five instructional days left with the students let's keep students engaged and learning! Please make sure that you've signed up for the Summer Literacy Lab! It's going to be a great experience for all teachers!!

Please RSVP for our End of the Year Luncheon, Saturday at El Fenix at 11a.m., the sign up sheet is located on Ms. Carter's office door. I need the count by Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.

Let's make it a GREAT week!



This week during Spot Observations I will continue to look for aligned LO's, DOL's and complete lesson alignment. I will continue to look for high student engagement we continue to have instruction all week..

Monday -ACP Make-Ups

8:00 504 Meeting D.F. (Robles, Weaver, Wright, Hutchins)

9:45 -Arts Partners Gym Activity

10:00 504 Meeting J.S. (Samuel, Pogue, Nelson)

11:10 Symphony Quartet(Music and Art Enrichment)

1:00 504 Meeting I.H. (Wolford)

Motivational Monday


9 a.m. PreKindergarten Awards Ceremony -MultiPurpose Room
12 noon Kindergarten Awards Ceremony -MultiPurpose

1:00 ARD-Annual Speech A.J. (Davis)

1:30 ARD Annual Speech B.F. (Starr)


9 a.m. 1st grade Awards Ceremony -MultiPurpose Room
1:00 p.m. 2nd grade Awards Ceremony -MultiPurpose Room
1:00 ARD Annual Speech J.C. (Wolford)
1:30 ARD Annual Speech Z.C. (Davis)
3:30 Faculty Meeting


9:00 a.m. 4th grade Awards Ceremony- MultiPurpose Room
1:00 ARD-Annual Speech -K.E. (Davis)


9:00 a.m. 5th grade Awards Ceremony-MultiPurpose Room
WHES SPIRIT DAY- Wear your jeans and WHES Field Day shirt
Last Day of School for students

Saturday-Teacher Workday 8:00-4:30
Lunch 11 El Fenix


June 8-12


SSI Summer School Teacher Training


SSI Summer School Begins 8 a.m. until 10:00 a.m.


SSI Summer School 8 a.m. - 10 a.m.


SSI Summer School 8 a.m. - 10 a.m.



  • Start Time for Teachers: 7:45 am
  • Start Time for Support Staff: 7:15 am
  • Students should be inside classrooms at 7:55 am
  • Instruction begins at 8:10 am
  • Lesson Plans are due on Fridays on the google drive for review, please ensure they are there.
  • Lesson Plans should be posted by 8 am on the first instructional day of the week.
  • We are adhering to the morning and afternoon duty schedule and posts
  • Students should have something to read or review in the hallways while waiting in line to use the restroom
  • Continue to ensure that students are monitored in all common areas, restrooms and the playground

Summer Literacy Lab Registration

This year WHES will be hosting a Summer Literacy Lab June 15-18th. If you are interested,please sign up with Mrs. Greer! Or you can utilize the link to sign up. I look forward to seeing you there. Summer Literacy Lab Registration


Please be in prayer for Mrs. Nash and her family, in the loss of her Mother in Law, Gladys Nash. Funeral services will be Saturday, June 6th at 11 am at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church. Mt Tabor is located at 3700 Simpson Stuart, Dallas. The wake will be Friday, June 5th from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church.

2015-2016 Contract for Returning Staff

Click here for more information in regards to the dissemination of 2015-2016 contracts.

Cafeteria Helpers

In an effort to streamline students assisting with cleaning tables in the lunchroom. Please select students using this google form prior to your lunch time. Your assistance with this endeavor is greatly appreciated as we continue to keep our lunchroom clean.



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Special Note: WHES Staff if you have a "Spotlight" you would like to share from the current week, please forward a picture and a short description of your Eagle Spotlight, to me by Thursday of each week.

Our cuties working it out Friday in the dark

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Our newest Eagle!!!!

Ms. Jones had her baby boy Wednesday, May 21st Ian Tyler Jones! He weighed in at 7 lbs 5 oz!! Congratulations Ms. Jones! He is precious!
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