Come Settle at Texas

Settle here just for $12.5 an acre

There are many good reasons why to settle here at Texas

Here at Texas we have inexpensive land. We have really rich soil for ranching. We have good resources here because there are many places in Texas that has rivers you can settle at. There also some colonies to settle at like Stephen F. Austin's colony. There are also Galveston for you to fish or enjoy. The water is really salty. You can get all of this just for $12.5 an acre.

A little problems about settling at Texas

There just a little problems settling at Texas. Some Indians attack in certain places in Texas. Only sometimes droughts happen in some parts of Texas. But don't worry about these problems, if you settle in a correct location you won't be bothered by any of these problems.

Settling at Texas is worth every penny, you will not regret settling at Texas