Scientists Timeline

Theory of tetonic plate scientists

Abraham Ortelius 1570's

His major cotribution to geology was the teat rum orbis terraum. He had the first collection of maps in the shape of a book, 20 years before Mercator published his world atlas.


James Hutton 1760's

His theory was that earth was constantly being made. His evidence was that molten was being forced up in the mountains eroded, then the erosion sediments washed away. His work was important because it made geogly proper science.


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Alfred Wegener 1912

Alfred Wegner believed in "continental displacement". He believed in this because of the alantic coast lines matching up. His work is important because it established sea-floor spreading theory. But before this all he was a meteroligst

Harry Hess 1960's

He believed that the " vents in the rift " caused the sea-floor to spread. Drummuns Matthews and Fredrick Vine expanded his theory to come up with convection cells in the mantle.

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Dan Mackenzie 1970's

McKenzie thought that there were two layers in the mantle that each moved and added to the continental drift. His evidence was how the earths crust moved. His discovery was efficient to science because it showed the world was way more complex than we thought and added proof that convection plates cause continental drift.