Math Workshop

Here you will find resources and links to sites we use for Math Workshop. This is a collection of things we have either gathered along the way or created ourselves.

Math Workshop Descriptions & Resources

This is a quick reference sheet about the Math Workshop Stations. It provides descriptions of each station along with possible resources.

Anchor Charts

Math Workshop Planning Sheet

This is a blank template to help in planning for Workshop. The first image has a place to put your group members names and a sample rotation schedule. The second image breaks down each station for intentional planning. The third image is an example we used to model a 3rd grade lesson.

Math Websites Bookmark

This is a list of our favorite games websites to use with Math with Technology.

Links for each one are below. Be sure to check them out!


It's FREE! Go ahead and check it out!


Another FREE one! This one is specifically aligned to Engage NY (Eureka).

Estimation 180

Wonderful for helping students fine tune those estimation skills! Did I mention it is also FREE?!

Sheppard Math

Here are some engaging online games for all content areas!

Hooda Math

More fun online games for our math students!

Math Playground

More math games to work the brain!

Contact Information

Mrs. Emily Chandler

Christian County Public Schools

3rd Grade Math Teacher

Math Teacher Leader

Contact Information

Mrs. Jettie Payne

Christian County Public Schools

District Math Coach