Heath Concern: Obesity

Darian Christensen

What is obesity?


Obesity is a condition of being extremely overweight. Synonyms: fatness, corpulence, plumpness, chubbiness, and more.

Who is at Risk of Obesity?

Here are Some Reasons for Being Obese.

It is in your genetics, you are not active enough, you have an unhealthy diet, medical problems, certain medications, lack of sleep, pregnancy, quitting smoking, age, and social economical issues. These are all the things that can lead to obesity, but this is not all. There are several things that lead to obesity.

Children, young adults, and older people, are all at risk of obesity, especially if it runs in the family.

You can treat obesity by yourself usually with healthy diets and exercise. If this does not work you can get liposuction if it is an option.