Austinville Elementary

February 17 - March 13 News

Officer Alison Easterling Named February SRO of the Month

Congratulations to Officer Alison Easterling who was named February SRO of the Month. Officer Easterling is assigned to all of the elementary schools. She began her police career with the Decatur Police Department in 1995. We love having Officer Easterling walk our halls at Austinville. She is definitely a familiar face!
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Ms. Cagle's Math Club Prepares for Competition

A couple of weeks from now, Austinville's Math Club hopes their weekly preparations will pay off. They will be facing other Decatur City Schools in an all day competition at Cedar Ridge Middle School. Team members have learned strategies from teachers, you tube, and each other to prepare for this meeting of the mathematical minds. The students and Ms. Cagle agree that the most important factor is speed. We wish our Lion Math Leaders the best as they meet this challenge with a ROAR!

Officer Ballesteros and Decatur Police Department SRO Unit Provide Feedback on Austinville Lockdown

Several weeks ago, Austinville completed a second lock-down drill using a different method than the first semester. Procedures change from time to time to assist teachers and students by providing different scenarios. The SRO Unit studies tragic incidents to learn from them. These studies enable the officers to share with each faculty and provide important feedback into keeping students and teachers safe. Not only do schools conduct a lock-down each semester but together teachers and SROs prepare students to be proactive in any incident. According to Officer Al Ballesteros, the Decatur City Schools do more to prepare for a violent incident than any other school system in Alabama.

Fourth Grade ART Club Visits Huntsville Art Museum

Fourth grade members of Mrs. Beth Young's ART Club spent a few hours at the Huntsville Art Museum. These students walked away with some amazing new points of view. We hope their interest in art will continue with their education. Teachers certainly appreciate Mrs. Young for introducing the students to some new art related information.

Celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday and a Wild and Wacky Wednesday

Students and teachers enjoyed some fun activities in celebration of Dr. Seuss week. Teachers in fourth and fifth grade dressed as Things 1 through 4 and managed to teach their subjects using the popular Seuss books. Mrs. Hamilton's environmental science lesson called upon The Lorax and required students to consider caring for our earth. Mrs. Hayes' writing lesson focused on the opinion of food in Green Eggs and Ham. Mrs. McCollum's reading activity required students to use Horton Hears a Who in deciding authors purpose and point of view. Thing 4, Mrs. Kim Patterson, enjoyed her day of Math but thoroughly enjoyed car line with her coworkers in their tutus! Kindergarten students ate up the real green eggs. They also enjoyed having retired teacher, Mrs. Debbie Allen to share her day as a guest reader. On Wild and Wacky Wednesday, students dressed the part as they came to school with some pretty strange clothing combinations. It was a great celebration for a great writer! Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Austinville's Robotics Team Attends Exhibition

Dr. Jeff Gilbreath's Robotics Team were as active as their robots on March 3 at Ingall's Harbor. These excited team members celebrated their first exhibition as Gyro Boy, Inc. Team members took turns discussing their inventions with all who visited their booth. Dr. G and the Robotics Team have made Austinville very proud!
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Pictures are Worth More Than a Thousand Words as Pre-K Visits Wetlands Edge

Students Are All Smiles as Consultant Carol Pryse Returns to Austinville for Math

It's the countdown until testing and students know it's time for the return of dum dum dum . . . Mrs. Carol Pryse! Having her in the classroom is a huge reinforcement of the Mobile Mathematics Initiative (MMI) strategies which teachers use to gain better number understanding for all students.

Mrs. Pryse taught fifth and sixth grades in Maryland for thirty years. Many of those years, were spent teaching math. She was the Math Resource teacher in her K-6 school for the last three of her thirty years. After retirement, she began working part time as a mathematics consultant in the Mobile Mathematics Initiative in the area of professional development.

As part of the Initiative, Decatur City Schools' students and teachers have been fortunate to have the assistance of Mrs. Pryse for the past ten years. Each year, Austinville students love the Math energy, patience, and understanding Mrs. Pryse brings to their classrooms!

Appreciating Our Own

Whether a member of our staff for a short time or many years, we appreciate each member for their job responsibilities, the positive smile on their faces, and the love each one possesses for our students and their families. In the following newsletters, we would like to spotlight some of our staff members so you may appreciate their work even more. Each deserves a pat on the back for the job they do at Austinville.

Mrs. Marie has worked for Decatur City Schools as a CNP worker for nearly 4 years. Her first two years were at Julian Harris before transferring to Austinville. Mrs. Marie and her husband, Phil reside in Priceville with their dog, Abby. They have one son who lives in Florida. Mrs. Marie is an active member of her church. In her leisure time she enjoys reading and bass fishing with her husband. They also enjoy visiting historical places and trying out new restaurants.

Mark Your Calendars!


  • 13th - Spring Pictures
  • 17th - Family Reading Night at 5:30

Dr. G Presents a Music History Program

Supper will be Served

  • 19th - Austinville Parenting Meeting

"Developing Your Child's Self-Esteem"

Speaker: Mrs. Sarah Henderson 10:00 am

  • 19th - Report Cards
  • 31st - Math Team Competition at Cedar Ridge Middle School


  • 1 - Money Due for Sweet Potatoes - $ 10 for a 10 pound box
  • 3 - Sweet Potatoes Delivered to school at 12:00 pm