Teen Suicide

by: Benjamin Huffman


With suicide being ranked third on the reasons teens die shows that there is a serious issue on hand. Approximately 5,000 teens (age 15-24) commit suicide each year due to stress from school, bullies, or an abusive home life/relationship. After recent studies an unsettling fact has arisen showing that 24% of teens have serious considered taking their lives because they feel unwanted, or feel as if they have failed and there is no other way out. Knowing that people go through stress during high school, either school or bullies, I felt as if by doing this topic it would help me understand more about why people think that way and how I can help them through their problems and from making a choice they cannot take back. I also believe it is important to more people than myself because everyone can learn how to help people through their tragedies. Also it is to show someone that might be considering it that they are important and don't need to end their life because of stress from a bad grade, or because someone is making their lives miserable.

Steven - Jake Miller (2013)

Jake Miller - Steven (Official Audio)
In this song Jake Miller talks about a young boy who has been bullied his whole life and how he has turned to drugs to find a get away. This song is fitting because teens are 8% more likely to commit suicide because of bullying. I chose it to show what the effects of bullying can do to a person.

My Life - The Game feat. (Lil Wayne) (2008)

The Game - My Life ft. Lil Wayne
This rap song by The Game talks about how everyone he cares about has been killed and that he wants to join them. He says that its his life and no one should stop him, but suicide is one action that you can never take back. Some one will commit suicide every ten seconds

Suicidal Thoughts - The Notorious B.I.G (1994)

Suicidal Thoughts - Biggie (Original Version)
Gun suicides are twice as common than gun homicides. The Notorious B.I.G talks about killing himself in this song and I believe that this song fits because it can help someone who doesn't have suicidal thoughts understand what is going on in peoples minds that do have it.

Changes - Tupac (feat. Talent) (1998)

2pac - Changes (Official Video)
Tupac talks about how there is no changes in the way people are acting from now compared to all of history and how it causes people to feel too much pressure from the way they are treated from others that they just want to end themselves. with over 30,000 students staying home from school for the fear of being bullied to the point of suicide, Tupac preached 18 years ago that we need to change.

Make-Up - Yelawolf (2010)

Yelawolf - Makeup [HQ & Lyrics]
Yelawolf elaborates in is lyrics how people are covering themselves in "makeup" to hide their problem. He is saying that instead of hiding any issues that one may have then they need to come out and explain. When most people commit suicide anyone that knows them well has no idea that they have suicidal thoughts.

Don't Try Suicide - Queen (1980)

Queen - Don't Try Suicide (Official Lyric Video)
Freddie Mercury wrote an upbeat song to encourage people that suicide is not the choice to have. He continues to say that its not worth it and that people need help. I chose this song because it shows that one of the best bands in history cares about the ones suffering with those thoughts.

Never Surrender - Skillet (2009)

Skillet - " Never Surrender" Lyrics
Never Surrender talks about how someone is always wishing they were something better and how they aren't ever good enough. They continue to explain that no matter how horrible things get in ones life that they should never surrender to suicide, and how they should turn and look for a turning point in their life. People age 15 - 24 are the highest group to have troubles in their lives, so Skillet decided to send their message through music that that age group enjoys.

Everything Will Be OK - G-Eazy (feat. Kehlani) (2015)

G-Eazy - Everything Will Be OK (Audio) ft. Kehlani
G-Eazy raps about how his choices in his past has formed him into the man he is today, and then says that everything will be okay. It is important for people with suicide on their mind to know that life may be difficult now but will eventually be okay. 79% of suicides are males.

Beautiful People - Chris Brown (feat. Benny Benassi) (2011)

Chris Brown - Beautiful People ft. Benny Benassi
Chris Brown elaborates in his lyrics about how everyone he sees are beautiful and he talks about how important it is for people to know. I chose this song so anyone who is battling suicidal thoughts knows they are beautiful. Each suicide affects about 6 people.

Don't Worry Be Happy - Bob Marley (1988)

Bob Marley - Don't worry be Happy
Bob Marley is about making good vibes and being happy and that is essential to diminishing suicidal thoughts. The message is saying to not worry about anything bad and to just be happy. Two thirds of all suicides are by people battling depression.