Aliyah Buscher

not your main dish

I kind of love eating.

Pancakes are flat. I like waffles. They have abs like me.

I enjoy...

I enjoy running on my own, sports, being creative, playing games, spending time with family, friends, and pets, knitting, reading, and going to the lake.


I am Aliyah. I love sports, kids, animals, family, and nature. I walk around like I'm restuded. I have four pets. From biggest to smallest, the go, my cat, then rabbit, then dog, and obviously then hamster. I like olaf. Buy me anything with frozen on it. I will like you.

All my pets.

I have a pomcha named Piper, cat named Oreo that my grandma just dropped off, rabbit named nibbles, and my 1/2 owned hamster Mallow. i wish to have many more pets in the future when we move, I am dedicating a room to pets.
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