4Sprise Newsletter

January News

Happy New Year

Welcome back! It is hard to believe that 2012 is behind us and 2013 is beginning. Thank you to all the families who thought of us during the Holiday Season. We hope that you all had a wonderful winter break. We have been working hard to get back into our routines this week. The students have been reflecting on their strengths as a class and as individuals and have been setting goals all week. We are ringing in the new year!

Curriculum Corner

Language Arts

We will be traveling back in time to the life of pioneers! For the new year, we have begun our study on Pioneer Life. Students will be reading and studying about various aspects of pioneer life. As you know, we took a field trip to the Little Red Schoolhouse and had our Pioneer Day field trip as well. Students will get to discuss literature about pioneer life starting next week, and have already been writing from the perspective of a pioneer child while we read Danger Along the Ohio as a class.

If you child has been enjoying our studies of Pioneer Life, he or she may want to try some new historical fiction books. Click on the link below to get some great historical fiction book suggestions!


We are ringing in the new year by learning how to multiply larger numbers! We've been working on the mastery of basic facts, and now students are applying that knowledge to extended facts (multiples of 10 and 100). Students will also be learning several methods for multiplying numbers. Keep practicing those math facts! As we get into multiplying large numbers, knowledge of those basic facts is very important! Check out the videos below to help you understand some of the methods we have been teaching the students!

Social Studies

Students are back in Social Studies for the third quarter. Students have been busy learning about the Native American tribes that lived in Ohio. Students have been working on group projects to share information about each tribe.

End of 2nd Quarter

Friday, Jan 11th, 3:45pm

Indian Hill, OH

Indian Hill, OH

The quarter ends on January 11! Students will be receiving report cards next Friday.

Pioneer Days Field Trip

Tuesday, Jan 22nd, 8:45am

Livingston Lodge

Students will spend a day as Pioneer Children! If you haven't turned in your fabric for the class quilt, please do so ASAP!

Little Red Schoolhouse Field Trip

Wednesday, Jan 23rd, 8:45am

Little Red Schoolhouse

Students will get to experience what life as Pioneer school children is like.