Anti-Bullying Artwork

Duffy Students Spread the Light of Kindness

Duffy Students Spread the Light of Kindness Through an Anti-Bullying Art Project

This year, students in kindergarten through fifth grade used their art to share a message of kindness and respect. As part of the art component of the Duffy School anti-bullying curriculum, students in grades K-5 worked on a collaborative project with their art teacher, Judy Maida.

During art class, students talked about how they shine their brightest when they make positive choices, discussing how they can share that light by treating others with kindness and respect. Mrs. Maida and the students decided that a candle would be a good symbol to use to represent that “light” that shines from within them when they are at their best; and just like a candle can be used to light another candle, they can help someone else shine bright by sharing their light with others.

Each student made a unique candle to represent themselves, using various art materials to create interesting patterns on their candles, resulting in a visually impressive final piece.

Students went on to make flames using warm colored painted papers. The flames were then put in a bowl and randomly selected by the students. Each student took the time to write a positive note that would be given back to the original artist and used to “light” their candle. Each child’s day was brightened by a note that was thoughtfully written just for them.

Every Duffy student got to experience that wonderful feeling of shining their brightest, and sharing that light of kindness with someone else, allowing them to shine their brightest as well!

The results of this collaborative project have been on display in the halls of Duffy School. Hundreds of candles shining bright and sharing their light!

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