Bills Of Rights

Diana Pham US History Period 5

BY: Diana Pham

Bills Of Rights

First 10 amendments to the US Constitution and ratified in 1791.

Freedom Of Speech

You are allowed to say, write, and believe in any religion you want.

Court Case: Citizens United V. Federal Election Commission

Case happen in 2010 and ruled that the government can't make laws that limit spending by corporation in political campaigns. Judgement overrode ruling in 1990.

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The Rights To Bear Arms

Humans are allowed to have guns to protect themselves.

Court Case: Bliss V. Common wealth

First major court ruling over the right to keep and bear arms for personal use. Case happened on 1822.

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The Right to Privacy in the Home

Soldiers can't force you to let them stay in your house.

Court Case: Nevada Case

Case happened on 2011. The case was over police officer violating his Third Amendment right by forcibly entering his home to gain "Tactical Advantage."

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Unreasonable Search and Seizure

Police can not barge into your home without permission.

Court Case: Boyd V. US

Case happened on 1886. Government took Boyd to Court over their contract. Which stated that he needed to supply the government with what they order.

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Due Process Of Laws

Jury can't charge you without evidence and you can only be charge once.

Court Case: Brown V. Ohio

Case happened on 1977. The defendant was put on trial twice for offenses involving the same incident.

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The Rights Of the Accused in Criminal Case

Can't make you sit in jail for year waiting for trial. Trial must be public and you must have a lawyer and allowed to have witness.
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The Right to a Jury Trial

Cases dealing with a lot of money can't be brought up again.

Court Case:Pointer V. TX

Case happened on 1965 And heard by the US supreme court. The case questioned about the Sixth amendment right to confront a witness.

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Preventing Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Punishment must Equal crime level. Government can't hurt you.

Court Case: Feltner V. Columbia Picture

Case happened on 1991. Columbia sued Faltner after his station continued to broadcast the program for copyright infringement.

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Rights Retained by the People

Government can't take away rights of people.

Court case: Robinson V. California

Case began in late 1971. Case re-presented in fall of 1971 and reached a decision on January 1973. This case is about Abortions.

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Limited Federal Powers

States have the power to do so if not stated.

Court case: Hammer V. Dagenhart

Case happened on 1918. The case began with Child labor. Child worked and were rarely given formal education beyond the first few years of their lives.

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