Harris & Zei provide bespoke suits

Offering full-service, hand-tailored suits for men.

Men in a variety of career fields may find themselves in need of formal garments such as a suit and tie. Being able to look your best for your daily job requirements, as well as for academic award ceremonies, career advancements or other situations can create that excellent first impression you might need. An ill-fitting suit may be more affordable, but it will not garner you the respect you may deserve. Instead, making the investment into a hand-tailored bespoke suit from companies such as Harris and Zei guarantees you will receive a fine piece of formal wear that fits you perfectly and reflects your personal style. For men in a professional setting, suits with a tie are still the expected attire for the employee who strives to be well-dressed. Deciding on the style that works best for you is your first task. Double breasted suits are normally seen as a much more formal choice, while single breasted can work for a larger range of needs. Think about the buttons and how often the suit will be worn. A double breasted suit must always remain buttoned for the best look, while a single breasted suit can be unbuttoned or have only two buttons out of three done.

Hand-tailoring a bespoke suit to your unique measurements means you will get the best fit possible. While many premade suits will fit you, they will not fit all areas of your body the same. Tailors have been well trained in knowing exactly how close a suit should fit in all areas, as well as the length of sleeves and pants. Tailors can not only match a suit to your exact measurements, but they can help make that suit enhance your overall appearance and initial impression on clients and employers. The most commonly accepted suit colours within the professional field are navy and dark grey. However, suits do come in a wide range of colours and hundreds of different material types and weaves to meet your unique style and needs. When initial impressions are important, don’t overlook the state of your shoes. Dress shoes worn with your suit should be polished and free of worn heels. Lace shoes are considered to be the most formal type of footwear, while loafers are on the more contemporary end. Wing-tips land in the middle as being less formal than lace shoes, but more formal than loafers. A tie is normally worn with business attire, but a bowtie or no tie at all can be substituted for academic or formal events. In most cases, with a standard tie, the darker the colour and smaller the pattern, the more authoritative you appear.

When choosing your tailor-made suit, one of the questions that will come up is what fabric you want to use. Most tailors have a large inventory of fabrics, or access to those they may not have on hand. The most common choice is wool as it’s a natural material and breathes well. There are also a large number of different wools including tweed, flannel, worsted and more. Each type has its commonly accepted uses, such as flannel for winter suits and worsted wool for your first suit. However some men may not be able to use wool, or may not like how wool feels for their outfit. There are non-wool options including linen, polyester and microfibers. Linen is most often used for summer suits due to its lightweight feel and stylish nature. Polyester is common for men on a tight budget; however it does not breathe well and can be uncomfortably warm.

Many men put thought into what tie to wear with their suit, often holding one and then the other in front of their suit to make a final choice. Like suits, ties can come in a wide variety of fabrics and textures though the best are normally made from silk and wool. When selecting a silk tie, be sure to test its quality. Just because it says 100% silk does not mean it will be a suitable choice. Tightness of weave and a heavy feel to the material are both marks of good quality. Stay away from ties with novelty printings on them, unless by some rare chance they are a compliment to the ceremony or event you will be attending. Paisley printed ties have gone from being highly desired to undesirable many times throughout our recent history, but many designers are attempting to bring the design back into appreciation. Woven ties are much more popular than printed ties, but can also depend on the man’s budget and personal styles.

Depending on your need for wearing the suit, formal evening, professional career, academic event or otherwise, you may also need to consider accessories. These can include pocket squares, cuff links, watches and a tie clip. Pocket squares are most common with formal dress suits and often times match your tie. Cuff links are only worn with French cuffs, but add a personal touch to your suit. Sleek dress watches are acceptable with formal wear and a business suit. Tie clips are both functional and fashionable, keeping your tie wrinkle free during the day. Adding the right accessories to your hand-tailored bespoke suit from Harris and Zei can help you create the total-package that will earn respect and praise.

About Harris and Zei

Harris and Zei have been crafting fine suits and formal wear for men in the UK for 40 years. Their attention to detail, signature flair and savvy team of designers and tailors ensure you are getting the best garment. Unlike some other tailors, Harris and Zei focus on your personality and can create a modern and smart bespoke garment that will compliment you and represent the unique best of British style. All of the Harris and Zei suits are handcrafted in London by a team of passionate and experienced tailors. After a one-on-one consultation to meet with you and get an idea of your personal style, the design and creation processes will begin. Every suit made by Harris and Zei can be picked up at the design studio or delivered right to your door.