Louis Armstrong

by LaNell Roberson

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong had such a great impact on the lives that were lived in the 1920's. He played the trumpet during the Roaring 20's. He loved playing the good ole trumpet! He was a man of Jazz music, He became an star attraction, Armstrong had such an big impact on the folks during the 20's. His hot 5 & 7 recordings remain to be the best loved during the 20's till this day. Louis Armstrong impacted the society because lots of people listened to his music, and they actually like the music he was producing. His music spoke a lot of messages. Louis will be remembered in the year 2014 by his outstanding trumpet playing. He was also an leader to other musicians and singers. They looked up to Louis on so many levels. Louis A. died of a heart attack in 1971, in New York City. His legacy is more than simply his trumpet playing, but his great formal innovations as well. His commitment to the search for new forms of Jazz and his heartfelt performances will remain a major symbol not only of his musical life, but the entire cultural life of the 1920's.
Louis Armstrong - Mini Biography

Questions about Louis Armstrong:

1) When & where was Louis born?

2) What was the name of his band in 1947?

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