Armenia is a country in Europe.

About Armenia

Armenia is located in Europe and the capital and the largest city in Armenia is Yerevan. The population of Armenia is 2,970,495 The area in square miles is11,506 miles. The official language of Armenia is Armenian the othr languages spoken there are Yezidi and Russian , since they are so close to Russia some of the people there speak Russian.

History in Armenia

Armenia came into existence in 783 BC. There are three different main groups 97.9% of theem are Armenians, 1.3% is Kurds, .5% of them are Russians, and.3% of them are different groups. The Russians controlled Armenia form 1820 to 1910. When the Russians handed it off to the Armenians they broke away from Russia and became there own country. Below is one of the historical sites in Armenia.
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The Economy in Armenia

Some of the industries in Armenia are diamond processing, metal-cutting, electric motors, tires, knitted wear, and instruments. The main thing in Armenia is agriculture they grow fruits, veggies, and they have livestock there too.

Aermenias cultural life

armenia has a 99 percent literacy rate