Accident Reconstruction Specialist

Dominick Bernard

Job Description

Daily duties include examining and reconstructing traffic accidents, analyze results, prepare reports and provide an expert witness testimony when required

Working Conditions

An Accident Reconstruction Specialist is on their feet at the accident, but also does a lot of desk work between constructing reports, doing calculations, and figuring out the driving conditions at the accident scene. The job also consists of being on call if there is an accident you need to go to it, but mostly is normal hours. Not a high stress job. There is usually an accident reconstruction unit, but sometimes you may work alone if you are the expert.

Education and Training

Completion of training for recognized institutes such as Northwestern University. Many Accident Reconstruction Specialists go to school as mechanical engineers and after getting their Bachelor start to special in Accident Reconstructions

Personal Characteristics

Someone who is very attentive to detail, is very good in math and physics, and someone who is very thorough with their work would be a very to Accident Reconstructionist


Accident Reconstruction Specialists make from 27,000-121,000 dollars a year.

Work in this field is not too hard to find but jobs aren't open everywhere.

There is some advancement. You can become a unit leader but nothing too much higher than that. Depends on company or state.

Education Spotlight

Massachusetts Institute of Technology- Cambridge, MA

Stanford University- California

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