Kinder Room Fortnightly Journal

21.07.14 - 01.08.14

Good Day Everyone

We had such a busy and fun weeks; from learning how to make origami flower to celebrating Eid with our friends, teachers and family. Here we go our journal and hope you enjoy it :)

Parachute Game

On group 2 we learned working together as a team. We did really well. Nikki put a ball on the material and we need to keep the ball on it. We had learned so many things about friendship and team work. :)

Music with Linda

It was fun to do music and movement. We listened and copied some movements with music. Other improving our health we also were improving our concentration skill. It was tricky to master some movements, but we knew we could by keep practising and playing :)


We had such a great fun time with Oscar. Oscar showed us how to kick or throw a ball. We knew that we need to keep our body healthy by exercising and playing off course. Look at us, we are all future athletes :)

Eid Mubarak Celebration

We celebrated Eid at our centre. Eid is a special day for Moslem people; they had fasted for a month (they only can eat once twice a day; in the evening and/or early morning before sun rise) then it was time to celebrate their accomplishment :). Congratulation and Happy Eid for everyone who celebrate it.


We had mushroom experiment. Our teacher (Trupti) shared information about healthy mushroom that we can eat. We knew that we need to be careful with poisonous mushroom that could make us sick. We also had a chance to chop those mushroom by our self and tried it off course :) Yum!

Andrew's 5th Birthday

On 25.07.2014; we celebrated Andrew's birthday. We sang birthday song for him and ate cake off course. Andrew's family also joined our celebration. Happy Birthday Andrew!