Top 3 Dangerous Cities



Earthquakes and volcanoes are very dangerous in there own ways. When people build large cities near them they are puting themselves in the way of danger. Some cities are near active volcanoes and tectonic plates so they experience these things every day. Some cities like Tokyo, Istanbul, and Hilo are the most dangerous cities to live in today.

Istanbul-Why it is Dangerous

Istanbul is near four different plates and they are moving. There has been a record for the past 2000 years and there have been dozens of earthquakes over a 6.0 magnitude. Istanbul is a city that is very crowded and maze like. If an earthquake hits it the structures of Istanbul won’t hold and it will become a city of rubble.

Istanbul-Tectonic Plate Activity

Istanbul is on the North Anatolian fault between the Eurasian Plate and the Anatolian Plate. The Anatolian Fault is a transform boundary. Scientist say that Istanbul is due for very destructive earthquake in the near future.

Istanbul-Why they live there?

Istanbul is Turkey’s financial and cultural center. It is Europe’s most populated city in Europe with a population of 13,854,740. Freedom of religion, International schools, easy ways of living and many others is why so many people live in Istanbul.

Why do people Live Their?

—It is an Expensive nice City

—It has High Population 13,216,221

—People that Love crowd Fashion and great food it is the perfect place for those people to live

Tectonic Plate Activity

—Tokyo Is along 4 tectonic plates Philippines plate , Eurasian Plate, North American Plate and the Pacific Plate

—The Plates are always shifting around them

Why is Tokyo a dangerous place to live?

—Tokyo is a Very dangerous place to live it has high population it has 4 tectonic plates around them which makes it a dangerous place to live. Japan’s most recent deadliest earthquake was a 9.0 magnitude in 2011 which did hit Tokyo it was named Tohoku.



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Now you know why these cities are some of the most dangerous. Looking back on these cities because they are probably not the safest places to live when talking about tectonic movement.