By: Jack McMillen

Geographic Info

Region: Providence/ Territory

Area: 3.855 million mi sq

Climate: Diverse as its landscapes, mostly cold

Arable Land: 5%

Capital: Ottawa

3 Largest Cities: Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary

Demographic Info

Population: 35.16 million

% Urbanized: 80%

Life Expectancy with World Rank: 81.24 years

AIDS rate with World Rank: 71,300 people

Literacy Rank: 2

Languages: English and French

Population Density
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Growth Rate
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Ethnicity Pie Chart
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Cultural Info

Customs and Traditions: Canada has a vast range of cultural influences that create its distinct range of customs and traditions.

Food: many foods like the US

Family Makeup: same as America, 2 parents, and kids

Clothing: Nike, under armour, and much more clothed like the US

Housing: houses in neighborhoods, apartments, country house, etc.

Recreation: swimming, hiking, dance, camping, skiing

Religion: Christians

Political Info

Government: Federal Monarchy

Freedom house political rights score: 1 (Best)

Civil Rights score: 1

Press Freedom: Canada's 1982 constitution guarantees freedom of expression and freedom of the press

Corruption Perception Index: 7.9 to 8.8

Domestic/Regional Conflicts: War, Battles, Terrorist attacks, etc.

Economic Info

GDP: 51,958.38 USD

Labor: Agriculture- 2% ,Industry- 19% ,Services- 76%

Unemployment: 6.8%

% Below Poverty Line: 9.4%

Happy Panet Index: 43.6, #65th of 151