Byron Nelson Counseling Newsletter

October 10th, 2017

Upcoming Dates

Wednesday, October 11th- 9th grade PACT, 10th and 11th grades PSAT, 12th grade Senior Blitz

Wednesday, October 18th- Teens Can Survive- Medlin MS and BNHS PTAs are providing parents and students with this suicide awareness and prevention program. It will start at 7:00pm in the BNHS Student Union.

Monday, October 23rd- NISD's College and Career Fair will be at Eaton High School from 6-8:00pm.

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Rock the Street Wall Street

Financial Literacy Mentoring For Girls

How would you like your daughter to learn about Apple, Google, Tesla, Facebook, and Twitter stocks? Or, what it means to buy a bond? How would you like them to learn about the exciting world of finance? Is your daughter an entrepreneur? Would they enjoy a Wall Street Experience? Would they like to take a field trip to meet successful business women in their offices?

Then you'll want her to join us for our weekly hour sessions of Rock The Street, Wall Street, (RTSWS). It will be a 4 week workshop, 1 day per week, 1 hour per day. The 5th week, we will go on a field trip to a financial services firm here in Fort Worth where your daughter will meet leading women in the industry. They will share their college and career paths. Our workshops are taught by a female financial professional.

If you’re interested in having your daughter join us, please have your daughter join us by 10/16

Visit Rock The Street, Wall Street to learn more about us and the workshops we offer.

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Rock The Street, Wall Street is a 4 week series of workshops for girls to learn about being in business and how to invest your money. Go on a field trip to a financial firm! Starts 10/18. Contact Natalie Eddleman in the Counseling Center


Attention Seniors! If you are interested in taking the ASVAB, please sign up here. It will be given during school on October 11th on Senior Blitz Day. Taking the ASVAB does not obligate you to any military branch or military responsibility. The ASVAB is a great way to explore your strengths and potential careers.

G Force

G Force is back!!! This is a group of UNT students who work with local high schoolers to help them apply to college, fill out scholarship applications, FAFSA applications, plus more. G Force is a great resource for our students. They do not recruit for UNT. G Force will be on campus every Thursday during our lunch periods. Students can sign up here.

GForce is a wealth of information! Please click here to view some of the resources that they offer. They have great scholarship resources!

If student and/or parents are needing additional help from GFroce later in the evening, GForce is offering their services on the UNT campus from 5-8:00pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. For more information, please see Mrs. Thomas in the counseling center.


Naviance is a resource students can use for college and career guidance, SAT/ACT prep and tracking volunteer hours. Please visit the counseling website or click here for more detailed instructions.

University of Texas Admissions

For Fall 2019 admission, The University of Texas at Austin will automatically admit eligible Texas students in the top 6 percent of their high school graduating class. This change to 6 percent is a result of the continued and future projected growth of high school graduates across the state.

Interested in Attending UNT?

High school juniors in the top 20% of their class, mid-year, can join Eagle Advantage through their participating ISD and receive guaranteed admission to the University of North Texas.

Registered students have access to programs and services on the UNT campus during their senior year.

UNT Eagle Advantage

Looking for College Campus Opportunities

If you're interested in finding out which colleges are offering college campus preview days, please click here to see a list of opportunities. We continually update this list on our counseling website when we receive information from different colleges.


Requesting a Transcript:

If you need to request a transcript, you will need to do this through Naviance. Click here to get directions for how to do that.

Need help with Naviance? Click here

Scholarship Opportunities

We have many scholarship opportunities!!! Please click here to the Counseling Center link to see our updated list of scholarships. This will be continually updated, so please visit it frequently.

United States Senate Youth Program

A unique educational experience for talented junior or senior high school students who demonstrate outstanding leadership and a strong commitment to public service. Texas will select two student leaders as delegates (and two alternates) to participate in an intensive week-long educational program with students from across the nation. The program will take place from March 3, 2018 through March 10, 2018 in Washington D.C. Delegates will be immersed in leadership activities and interact with high-level officials, including Senators, cabinet members, officials of the Departments of State and Defense, and other federal agencies. The program is sponsored by the Hearst Foundations, who fund all delegate expenses for Washington Week (transportation, hotel, meals). Each delegate is also awarded a $10,000 undergraduate college scholarship, with encouragement to pursue careers in public service.

Please see the Texas Education Agency (TEA) USSYP webpage for more information:

Application due date: October 15, 2017

For more information about this program, please contact Kelly Ocasio at .

BNHS Counselors

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Lead counselor

Leah Berry Bid-Dos

Shannon Nobles Dot-Hon

Jennifer Martinez Hoo-Maq

Megan Thomas Mar-Pop

Natalie Eddleman Poq-Stel

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