The world of Middle School


The purpose of this

This is full of tips and tricks for 6th grade to succeed and make your 6th grade experience far more easier in my opinion (speaking as an 8th grader who went through 6th grade and wants to help future 6th graders have a better experience)


Many of you might have a binder right?

This is very helpful for middle school, while you have teachers to help keep track of your stuff in elementary you don't have that in middle school. However a binder is your place to keep track of everything and put everything in.

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Ok, binder. Check, what else is there?

Well everyone should have or has their google websites, yes? The websites are really important for later in your future, put graded papers, awards and things you're proud of on the website. Trust me later in life this will come in handy for applying for jobs and colleges who will want to see what you did in school. Below is some examples of my site. As you can see there's projects from the beginning of the year all the way up to this time.
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For me if I had known this in 5th grade I wouldn't have been as worried as I was and I speak as an 8th grader knowing how worried I was going into 6th, doing these things will help you feel much better when you get into 6th.


Then what do I put in binders?

Well everyone has a pencil bag or had one and never uses it, well that's one step closer to having a complete binder. Below is a list of things you might want to have in your binder to be able to stay organized for 6th grade.

  • Pencil bag (full of pencils, highlighters, a pencil sharpener, colored pencils and pens)
  • Dividers (with the names of each class on each tab)
  • a calendar (if you don't already have one)
  • graded papers
  • notebook paper


Keeping these things will help you

Some of you might have papers in your bag right? Homework, graded work, those papers. Let me tell you a secret, sometimes teachers forget to put in grades and they hand your grade back. Well if you had a binder you'd be able to keep those grades and show your teacher that you did the work instead of having to redo your grade. Trust me you don't want to have to redo a grade you already did. It's not fun.