Local News Update

By: Emma Hamel

About The Company

I run the company with 131 other people. Our company is in New York City right by the Erie Canal. It is a factory system. We have a really big factory and we make the cases for any phone. I got to thinking about sectionalism and about how some people did not get things and I was thinking that anybody who wants a phone case that walks can have one. I was also thinking about nationalism and the Missouri Compromise and how it does not matter what color your skin is and so I didn't care who bought my products.

History Of The Company

The company was put together in 1876. There are 2 things that inspired this. One of them is when my mom and I were watching a movie and we both wanted to check our phone and she said that she wishes that her phone can walk to her and that is how we thought of it. The second one is the Industrial Revolution I told my mom that I made a phone case that walks and she was my first buyer to get one but I asked her if she wanted to work with me but she said that she was getting old, so I said "that it was okay." When I was growing up I always wanted to be like Robert Fulton and invent something.

Product Name

My product that I am selling is a walking robot phone case. It is used for walking to you when you leave it upstairs or something. People would need one if they are too lazy/tired to get up. You can buy one in New York City. My product that I am selling has interchangeable parts.