The Red Pyramid, By Rick Riordan

Why you should read The Red Pyramid

This Book is Action Packed

There is two main Characters in the book Sadie and Carter. Carter is older then Sadie, they are siblings but rarely see each other. The two siblings go on adventures together and try / to defeat the evil gods trying to kill them. Since there mother died and there father was sucked into a coffin they are on there own with some not as evil gods or goddesses to help them.

This Book is Relatable

Sadie and Carter mother died when they were young. This incident could have happened in peoples lives which makes them want to read the book. Sadie was separated from her dad to live with her mom's parents and Carter with his father traveling. Since they only see each other twice every year it adds up to the story and their relationship.

Egyptian Mythology

This book had a lot of Egyptian Mythology, it was like a whole plot twist since they talked about Egyptian gods and not Greek gods because usually when talking about gods it's Greek gods. This book brought the Mythology to life it put really detailed description of what was happening. Rick Riordan, the author of the book brought an interpretation of how the Egyptian gods would react to the real world.