5th Grade ELA News


Students started last week taking their reading core assessment. We spent two days on this and kids read multiple passages, answered both multiple choice and extended response questions as one way to express their understanding of the skills and strategies we have been working on this trimester. Their score (and their reflection) will go home soon and will be reflected on their report card, too.

Based on their reading core, we spent the week working on drawing conclusions. It became evident to me right away that students needed more work with this skill. You've seen several jobs come home related to this skill so hopefully you have a good idea of their understanding of and ability to apply this skill at this time.


Students spent the week doing research and collecting evidence from both sides of the argument. Some of this work was heavily guided and then, eventually, independent. Students were given sources to collect information from as well as given the option to do independent research. Some students had questions and wonderings related to their initial research and pursued more information related to this as the week wore on. They finished by submitting their "box and bullets" which contains their claim and three reasons. I like to review these before they begin drafting to be sure they have a good outline for the writing.

On writing prompt Wednesday, students worked to identify misspellings in their writing, circling those words (and using a dictionary to correct, if time allowed) as a way to practice using appropriate conventions.