High School Musical

"This movie doesn't stick to the status quo."- Aristotle

See it now! Reviewed by one of the best!

1. Plot- A jock and a nerdy beauty must find time to be in the school's upcoming musical while still being at their existing obligations.

2. Character- Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez are this movies sweethearts.

3. Thought- The theme is to follow your heart, not what society wants you to follow.

4. Diction- "Yeah my showerhead is very impressed with me." The story relates well with young adults and children with its goofiness and easy words.

5. Sound- Fun sing along songs make this movie fun for the whole family.

6. Spectacle- Bright colors and the pretty setting of Albuquerque, New Mexico make the movie peaceful and relaxed, a no brainer for the kids.