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Carbon was discovered in ancient times but was not known as an element much later. The word Carbon was from a Latin word "carbo" which mean't charcoal because carbon has been used since pre-historic times as charcoal.


Carbon's atomic number is 6 and is in Group 14. Carbon is black and is non-metallic.


  • When carbon's graphite is applied heat and pressure it can be turned into diamonds
  • Carbon's charcoal used as a basis of fuels

Biology and Geology

  • Carbon is the key to life and by definition carbon is present in all organic compounds
  • Carbon is found in abundance of the sun, stars, comets, and atmospheres


Carbon's graphite is soft and black, but carbon's diamond is clear and don't have a specific color. Carbon itself is a solid and it's color is black.

Interesting Facts

  • The planet mars atmosphere is filled with 95% of carbon
  • Carbon's graphite can be turned into diamonds if enough heat and pressure is applied
  • Carbon's diamond is one of the hardest known materials and carbon's graphite is the softest material