Every day is a new day and...

the year started with busy days

The agenda is getting full

Last month brought us many adventures and other new things.

We have been busy teaching and training groups in Mexico City and Monterrey. One was an ONG and the other was made up of different government departments and people from universities. The training was about detecting victims of human trafficking. Now we have a team from the Methodist Church in Monterrey, learning about the migration phenomenon as well as serving the migrants, trying to know and do God's will among them.

A congressman asked us to develop a campaign against Human Trafficking for Coyoacán (a section of México City) . For us, it's a great challenge and great opportunity to share with more young people and adults about how easily people can be caught in prostitution, pornography or other horrific things.

Meanwhile, we continue working with kids and their parents at the Youth Center. We are very blessed to have this opportunity. They have invited us to open a new group in the mornings; we'll start that after the Easter Holidays.

Next week we have two wonderful things to do. One is sharing and teaching about Migration and Human Trafficking at the national Intervarsity Camp (Compañerismo Estudiantil, March 22-24). This is the second time we've been asked to participate; our hope is that after our three workshops, many people from all over the country will be motived and willing to work in detention centers in different cities. Two, we'll be back just in time for Good Friday and Easter Sunday celebrations at the center where migrants are held here in Mexico City. Please pray for us -- for strength, wisdom and the necessary resources.

Every day we realize how blessed we are to have all these opportunities. I especially need to recognize how much I enjoy working with and serving the immigrants and refugees. May God continue to give me his love for them.

Coming soon: a new microsite for DREAMS

Prayer requests:

  • For health and strength, especially in the next three weeks
  • For God's wisdom in all our plans and decisions
  • For all the NGO's legal papers, that there won't be bribes requested
  • For the 'spirituality group' for young people, for the new plans and new attenders
  • For us to show the character of God in each training and class
  • For our inner healing, because we know that sometimes the stories and situations with the immigrants are not easy to handle

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