Meisner and Bitz's News

December 11th, 2015

Holiday Parties!

Second Grade Parties are in homerooms from 12:15-12:45 Friday December 18th.

If you did not RSVP or lost your pre-printed visitor tag, be prepared to present your driver’s license at the front desk to be checked in. Allow extra time as there may be long lines in the front office.

If you are planning to take your student(s) home after the party, please notify the front desk by sending a note with your student.

Please note CFISD district policy: School-age children will not be allowed to check out and attend sibling events held on campus. In addition, school-age children from other campuses including home-schooled students are not permitted on campus to attend this event.


In reading this week we continued with our traditional literature unit. These week we focused on the story of the Mouse and Crocodile. We completed a story map which included our story elements of: characters, setting, problem, and resolution. We also added important events this week which was new for these kiddos. They should be VERY familiar to this story so ask them to tell you about it! :)

We will be finishing up traditional literature next week by recognizing when there is a lesson learned and comparing two different versions of similar stories. We will also be completing some fun Gingerbread related activities.

When we return from break we will begin DPM testing. This will include reading comprehension tests and I will be doing reading levels again. It starts the second week we get back so there will be time we review before hand.

Language Arts

We are still going strong with our How-To writing unit. This is one of my favorite writing units because it is accessible to all writers. I have noticed this week that even my struggling writers are so engaged during our writing time. We learned this week how to add a fun introduction to our how-to and a list of ingredients/ materials. Next week we will be publishing these how-to's and using one to decorate our gingerbread cookies!!
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  • Thursday is Pajama Day! :)
  • NO Spelling Homework this week.. who wants to take a spelling test on Party day?
  • No Math homework- Merry Christmas!


In Math this week, your children worked so hard. We reviewed for our DPM test. Students took the Math DPM test yesterday and today. Next week we will finish up geometry and we will begin money. Students will be responsible for be able to identify coins and count money up to $1.00.


In Science this week we finished up Earth's resources and geology. Students took their unit test on Wednesday. We have been so busy preparing for the Math DPM that students did not get to see their Science test. I will pass out the Science tests on Monday. We have been told that Science unit tests can go home so you will be able to view your child's test and keep it. Today, we had the butterfly garden. Students had a great time observing natural resources in the garden. A few students were picked to get a vegetable from the garden. I hope all of you have a super weekend! It was 81 degrees in the butterfly garden. Can you believe it's December 11th?