The Hammer Killer

By: Connor Halvorson and Tristan Rice


It is believed that Marissa killed her husband to collect insurance money to pay off a man that she had borrowed about 360,000 dollars.

Blood Splatter

The blood splatter evidence from the crime scene did not work with the story that Marissa told the authorities. The blood spatter showed Harrell was alone in the bed and that bloodstains on Marissa's clothes were consistent with a person swinging a object repeatedly over there head.


Marissa was classified as a psychopath and given the death sentence for her crime. She had motive and the evidence did not support the different stories that she told the judges. With this in mind she appears to be guilty of murder and was not defending herself though she murdered her husband for her own benefit. Though she had signs of sexual abuse she may very well have gained this from the man that she owed money to as he was know to connect people with so called "sugar daddies".