Columbus Day

It shouldn't be renamed

Who is Christopher Columbus and What Made Him Important?

Christopher Columbus was a Spanish voyager that was directed by the King and Queen of Spain to find new land and bring back any gold he could find. He came across land and it was what is now known as Haiti. However, he attempted to find India and when he came across an island he thought it must have been an Indian island; but to his surprise it was North America. He discovered this land and open trade between Europe and the new land called the Americas. Without him the world would be different. Our geographical knowledge of the world and how it is mapped out would be different as well as our distribution. His discoveries led to colonization throughout the Americas and made the economy for Spain and many other European countries boom!

Would YOU get rid of Thanksgiving? Halloween? Any holiday for that matter?

***Columbus day is just as important as any other holiday on the calendar. It deserves its spot for many reasons. Columbus day also doesn't just recognize Columbus, it commemorates everyone that found the New World and created a passage in which colonization could happen and the spread of ideas, people, and trade could disperse throughout the North American continent and Europe.***

Where is America Today?

Our culture today in the United States of America wouldn't be the same. We are a population of many different ethnic backgrounds, and cultural practices. We can attribute this to Christopher Columbus because of his discovery of the Americas. He allowed us a passage to this New World. We have created it our own but it wouldn't have been like this if Columbus hadn't discovered it for Europe to migrate and explore more.