Resources, Resources, Resources

and then "s'more!"

Internet Resources

1. Pinterest is a great resource to use in the classroom. A reason I think that it is a great resource for the classroom because it is a good way to share ideas and lessons with one another.

2. PBS Teachers This website has different resources teachers can use. This is great because it categorizes the lessons by grade level

3. Teacher's Domain Has very good resources for online media for the classroom. You have to sign up to use it but it has very good and useful ideas.

4. The National Science Foundation has really good resources for science activities. It is reliable because it is a .gov website so the lessons are very factual base.

5. Discovery Education is a great resource for science activities, it is free and aligns with science standards.

6. Free Ed has many many lessons for teachers to use, and it is free! It is easy to navigate around and has many lessons for every subject you could even think about teaching! They also align with standards.

7. Teacher Resources is a website created and run by teachers! It has different lessons and activities to use in the classroom! This is also a free website with all of the materials for free as well.

8. All free teacher resources is a great website, it is connected through Facebook and Pinterest so it is constantly being updated with new ideas.

9.Teacher Tool Box is another free resource page. It has awesome resources and lesson plans for teachers in any grade.

10. Sites for Teachers, is a data base for resources for teachers. So if this isn't enough information on resources, you can check this site out for more resources.

Youtube Videos that can be used in the Classroom

All of these videos are ones that can be used to:

  • Practice Spelling
  • Teach the different parts of a flower
  • Learn the Solar System
  • Learn about Earth Day
  • Learn about the 50 States

Spelling for Children. The Alphabet Letter B
Parts of Flower -Video for series of Education Videos
The Solar System Song
Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures: Happy Earth Day
50 States Song | US Geography for Children

Pod Casts that Can be Used in the Classroom

Restaurant Nutrition I thought this was a good podcast to use to teach how to eat healthy when you are eating out.
Sesame Street has great ways to give children ideas to get involved in the community. You can use this to teach the importance and impact of community service.
Poetry Reading Series this series has really great poetry to listen to. You can use this for language arts when teaching about poetry!
English as a Second Language Podcast this Podcast is to learn about teaching ESL students, this is helpful because in 2025 50% of our classrooms will be bilingual.

Reading Poscast this podcast has many different lessons on math, reading, science and other activities.