TCHL 550 Introduction

Annette King


BS Engineering Mathematics Computer Science University of Louisville

MAT Secondary Education University of Louisville

Mathematics and Physical Science

Post Graduate in Mathematics from Western Kentucky University

Working on MA in Mathematics Western Kentucky University

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Get Together at Cracker Barrel

That is me on the left with several of my cousins and my at Cracker Barrel.

My Life and Family

I have a very big family on both sides. The King family consists of 8 children 6 of who are still alive. I had to say good bye to my Dad on June 21 of this year. The interesting thing about it was that his name was Jack Aloysius King and June 21 is the feast of St. Aloysius. I have around 35 first cousins on the King side. I have lost several of them through the years, but many are still with me to this day. Many are also Grandparents so the King family is a very big extended family today. On the Moorman side my Mom had 10 brothers and sisters with 9 of the 11 still living today including my Mom. She is the best Mom in the world and I love her dearly. I have somewhere around 31 first cousins on the Moorman side and have lost a few. Again many of my Moorman cousins are Grandparents. But the very best part of my family is my Mom and both my brothers, Michael and David. My sister Susan passed in 2008. She was the very best sister anyone could ever have had. I miss her dearly every day. I have 5 nieces and nephews and love each and every one - Daniel, Laura, Stephanie, Sarah, and Samuel. I also have 5 terrific great nieces and nephews - Zachary, Talin, Logan, Nanette, and William. Each and every one of these are special in their own right. The name Aloysius had been handed down from my Grandfather, Aloysius Eugene King to my Dad to my brother Michael, my nephew Daniel, and now my great nephew William. A proud name indeed. I have taught 13 years in the secondary schools. I have taught many different Math classes, Chemistry, and Physics as well as lower levels of Science. I enjoy teaching Geometry and Chemistry most. I now teach at ECTC Ft. Knox and have done so since 2005. I also teach at JCTC Bullitt County and have done so since 2010. I have taught at IUS since 2006. I have also taught at ITT Tech since 2010 off and on. Mostly I teach Math but do teach Science at IUS. My teaching philosophy is that I do firmly believe that everyone can learn Math at a high level they just may need a little more time or a different teaching method. I try to help each and every student learn Math and Science so that they can be successful. Now on the lighter side of things I love to read and do puzzles. I also enjoy cross stitching. I will upload a few more pictures to this flyer. One is my Dad, the best Dad in the world who I miss very much, another is my sister who I also miss and the others are pictures of the baby afghans that I cross stitched for my oldest Great Nephews - Zachary and Talin. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.