The R. Grant Graham Star Reporter

September 25, 2020

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R. Grant Graham Elementary School

Main Office: 248-537-6800

Attendance Line: 248-537-6810
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From the Principal

Dear Graham Families:

Thank you, once again, to all of the families that were able to stop in and pick up their students work packets. We enjoy saying hello to you!

Thank you for your continued support and patience during the Remote Learning process.

NWEA testing has started at our school this week. Grades 2-5 have started or completed most of their testing. Kindergarten & 1st Grade will start testing soon. Please check with your teacher so you know their schedule. This assessment is to measure where your child is at academically now. The results will be shared with parents once testing is completed and we are provided a date from the district. We ask parents to support their child by making sure their device is ready for this assessment. Please do not assist your child with the test once they have started. The results from the test helps give teachers information on how to instruct your child.

Welcome back Miss Gretchen! She will be working in the office with Miss Dawn again.

Have a great weekend!!

Remember, it takes a village, to raise our children.


Tony O. Harris

Tony O. Harris


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Graham Stars Birthday!

Aashritha Bandla 9/2

Frank Moody 9/2

Khloe Brown 9/3

Aaliyah Grandberry 9/3

Bastian Tlatoque 9/3

Rylee Dropps 9/5

Shy-Lynne Johnson 9/5

Muni Gundala 9/9

Daphne Johnson 9/9

Khloe Johnson 9/9

Jaquan Whittaker 9/10

Ayira Hopkins 9/12

Castiel Tlatoque 9/13

Evelyn Szlarski 9/14

Jeremy Clabon 9/16

Caiden Lewis 9/17

Mayah Pop 9/17

Anvi Vyawahare 9/17

Alan Martinez 9/18

Hansith Boda 9/19

Abigail Ferguson 9/21

Kylie Styles-Rosario 9/21

Anirudh Anand 9/22

Kaylee Colon-Ortiz 9/22

Pracheta Ray 9/22

Kaylee Williams 9/22

Joshua McCarroll 9/23

Sayda Leiva Ramos 9/24

Nevaeh Terry 9/24

Alex Lopez-Cordero 9/25

Logan Mercer 9/25

London Mercer 9/25

Eli Boothe-Briggs 9/26

Reyansh Sreeram 9/27

Sriyansi Althi 9/28

Teriq Robinson 9/28

V. Kishore 9/30

V. Oviya 9/30

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Frances LaMielle R. Grant Graham Elementary ESL Teacher

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Google Quick Tips and Reference for Remote Learning

Useful Google "cheat sheets" embedded into the PDF. Here's a link:

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Shout out to this AHS student organizing Blood Drives!

Abhijai Singh is a senior at Avondale High School and a Blood Program Leader with the American Red Cross. Abhijai is organizing several local blood drives throughout this school year! Through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Red Cross has continued working towards our mission of turning compassion into action to provide blood to those in need. To support my involvement in the Red Cross’s High School Scholarship program, I kindly invite you to donate at my first blood drive this year on Wednesday, October 7th at the Great Oaks Country Club near Walton Blvd and N Livernois Road in Rochester Hills! Appointments are available at the link below between 12 noon and 6 PM on that day. The need for blood is constant and only volunteer donors like you can supplant that need for patients in the community! Your efforts are invaluable, and I thank you in advance for your consideration in donating blood.

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