Underwater Filmmakers

Jacquelyn Cooper

Specific Tasks & Duties

The main job of a underwater filmmaker or photographer is to capture videos and images of sea animals and plants. Some filmmakers are assigned certain images to capture by a client or employer. Another duty is is being able to run all parts of a business.

Salary Range

Underwater Filmmakers make an average of $37,190 per year. The salary will sometimes change because of your location. In Florida the average is $40,000 but in California it is $46,000.

Education Required & Skills Required

To become an underwater filmmaker or photographer, you must have a Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) certification. Must be skillful with cameras and videos. Photo editing is also another skill that is required. Not required but it would be helpful to have a degree in Marine Science or photography.

Working Conditions

Work conditions include being under the water capturing pictures of sea life. Also most of your time will be in a office editing and selling the pictures and film that you have captured.

Interests or Personality Qualities

To be an underwater filmmaker, you got to love being in the water and with marine life. You need a good business personality because when you sell your images you need good commutation skills. A good personality to have is being organized and good at identifying different species of marine life.