Project Buckets

Owen B 2/18/16 1 Period "Get big buckets"

About the Company

This company is run by Owen B. It is a world wide craze just like the Industrial revolution.

They are made in Chicago Illinois and Detroit MIchigan.

History about the company

This company was formed in 1995 after the founder James Brown heard about how Samuel Slater, Eli Whitney and Samuel F.B Morse made there inventions to help their country for the better. So it gave James Brown the idea that I Can make something to help us or someone in the world.
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Product Name

The name of are product is "Project Buckets" THis product is used for nba players or kids who really want to up their game. If you want to get better shooting percentage from anywhere on the court or get a better shot this product is for you. YOu can buy online or at our stores in Chicago or New york.


This product cost 700 dollars for this product but there is deal going on if you order in the first 1000 ever shipped or bought in store. Yes but not above 2 for a discount it is buy 1 get on 50% off but you can not buy more than two in bulk
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There is no other product like ares just like the Erie canal when it was made. 90% of are customs recommend this product to somebody else. Lebron James, Paul George and Micheal Jordan, Blake Griffin, Stephan Curry and Kevin Durant,Russel Westbrook, Jimmy butler

National Pride

This Product will help the country just like the Monroe Doctrine and MIssouri Compromise

this will help kids become better at basketball and it will help kids get out and play for the 60 minutes in a day This company is a strong nationalism and some of are Ideas are base around the american system


There is a life time warranty on all of are products for at least 1 year and the eltronics will be replaced for free for life time and the rim and the backboard cost to replace it.