Medical Technology Project

Electronic Aspirin

What causes constant migraines?

Doctors have linked chronic migraines with a facial nerve bundle called the "Sphenopalatine ganglion" or SPG. Unfortunately there is no treatment that works on the nerve bundle for long term effects quite yet but we are getting there.

Which company has created this device?

Research and development has been done by scientists who work for "Autonomic Technologies, Inc." in Redwood City, California.
To use this new medical technology, You must have a small nerve stimulating device implanted in the upper gum on the side of the head that is usually effected by head aches. The patient powered tool must be applied on the spot that the device is implanted so the signals can be sent directly to the area that is in pain. This technology is made to block SPG signals at the first sign of a head ache. The signals stimulate the SPG nerves and block the neurotransmitters that cause the pain.

Where is the device implanted?

The device is implanted behind the nasal passages and eye sockets, The bundle of SPG nerves is located outside of the brain.