Weekly Warrior

Volume 9 Issue 10 May 1st, 2017

Important Dates

May 1st-AP Chemistry Exam (8:00 am)/AP Psychology Exam (12:00 pm)

May 1st-On Demand Training for Test Proctors @3:15 in the Library

May 2nd-9th/10th Awards @ 8:30, 11th Awards @ 10:00 am

May 2nd-AP Physics Exam (12:00 pm)

May 2nd-9 Week RTI Report Due to Department Chairs

May 3rd-On Demand Testing (ALL 10th/11th)

May 3rd-AP Lit Exam (8:00 am)

May 4th-AP Government Exam (8:00 am)

May 5th-AP Computer Science App Exam (8:00 am)/AP US History Exam (12:00 pm)

May 5th-ACT Registration Deadline for June 10th ACT

May 8th-AP Biology/AP Music Theory (8:00 am)

May 9th-Algebra 2 EOC (1st/2nd Blocks)

May 9th-AP Calculus Exam (8:00 am)

May 10th-Biology EOC (1st/2nd Blocks)

May 10th-AP English Language Exam (8:00 am)

May 10th-Faculty Meeting @3:30

May 11th-English 2 EOC (1st/2nd Blocks)

May 11th-AP Statistics Exam (12:00 pm)

May 12th-AP Human Geography Exam (8:00 am)/AP European History Exam (12:00 pm)

May 12th-US History EOC (1st/2nd Blocks)

May 12th-Senior Final Exam DEADLINE/Senior Grades POSTED in IC

May 12th-Copies of Final Exams Due to Evaluating Principals-Email if EOCs are Finals

May 14th-Class of 2017 Baccalaureate Oak Hill Baptist Church @ 6:00 pm

May 15th-Senior Awards Day (9:00 am)

Kagan Day 5 training is scheduled for August 3rd, 2017 with lunch on your own. Please bring your white Kagan Book with you to the training--Don't pack it up when you get your classroom ready for the summer! Use the link below to register for Day 5 training. Please note that if you haven't attended all prior days (in order), you will need to register for the next day that needs to be completed. Kagan training must be completed in order starting with day 1 through day 5. Also, the link will only take you straight to the registration if you login to CIITS beforehand.


On Demand Writing

The On Demand Writing assessment will be given on Wednesday, May 3rd to ALL 11th grade students. The test consists of a 40 minute stand alone writing prompt and also a 90 minute passage based writing prompt.

This testing extends slightly into 3rd block, so juniors will be arriving to their 3rd block classes a little late. Please allow them to eat lunch if your class has already gone. There will be no announcements during testing. The AP Literature Exam is also going on at the same time, so please make sure you know where you should be if displaced from your classroom. An On Demand schedule has been sent from Mischa Brainard.

AP Testing

Over the next 2 weeks, students will be taking the AP Exams that they have prepared all year for. These AP Exams will be given in various classrooms in the math/science wing of the building. This causes some classes to be displaced into different parts of the building. Please be aware of these changes to the regular schedule and be patient with students and teachers as they try to adjust.

There will be no bells during this 2 week period. Look for these schedules from Mischa Brainard and Doug Grider.

Teacher Externship Program

If you are interested in working with a local business this summer to be better able to prepare students for STEM careers in the modern manufacturing environment, please apply online at kyfame.com/teacher-externship-program/ before May 12th.

This week-long program will introduce you to the 21st Century skills employers need-Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Technical Awareness. Engage your students by applying subject-area concepts to real-world applications and discover ways to integrate project-based learning into your curriculum.

Teachers would have the opportunity to work with either East Ky Power, UGN Inc., or TTAI.

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Success With Higher Standards

Southwestern High School will strive to graduate every student college/career ready and prepared for the 21st century.