Canada in 2050

By: Hamza Lodhi


So as we all know that Canada is one of the largest country in the world and has a population of about 34,500,200 people and approximately has a density of 4 people per sq km, What do you think will happen to Canada by 2050? We cannot get the exact information but we can predict what will happen by 2050.In this report I will be talking about:

1.Aboriginals -> treaties and Land Claims

2. Immigration/Emigration -> Point system/Requirements and types of immigrants

3. Demographics -> Birth Rate and Death Rate


Land Claims

Since 1900-2000 there were 746 specific land claims made.Of those 151 had been settled for negotiating, 40 settled by litigating and 95 were being negotiated, 286 were under review, 98 were closed and 76 were rejected. From 1973-1994 the federal government settled 13 comprehensive claims. Here are 2 types of land claims that have been made:

1. Algonquins of Ontario, Location: Eastern Ontario (Ottawa River Watershed), Claim Type: Aboriginal Rights and Title, Claim received: August 1985 (Zimmer)

2.Lac des Mille Lacs, Location: Thunder Bay area, Claim Type: Flooding, Claim submitted: 1996 (Zimmer).

Since 2000-2013 there are about 64 land claims which have been made. With this information I can predict that by 2050 there will not be a lot of land claims made because since 1900-2013 the number of land claims made have drastically dropped and with this information you can tell that there might be about 10-30 land claims made or less.


Push/Pull Factors

As of the years 1900-2000 there were a lot of push and pull factors which attracted immigrants to move to Canada. Push factors are basically negative reasons why a country is bad to live in that push you out of the country, some of the push factors include:

Not enough jobs
Poor medical care
Natural Disasters
Death threats
Poor housing



Currently there are over 250,000 immigrants who move to Canada per year. These immigrants move to Canada because Canada has a lot of pull factors which bring them here. Pull factors are positive attractions that make you want to live in a country and pull you into it, some pull factors are:

Job opportunities

Better living conditions
Political and/or religious freedom
Better medical care
Family links


democratic government

With this information provided I think by 2050 there will be around 300-350 thousand people which will be immigrating to Canada because now Canada has a lot of better technologies, More job opportunities available and better education so the for the people that are going to be immigrating, Canada will be there best option to move.

Types of Immigrants

In Canada there are 3 main types of immigrants:

1. Family class: immigrants who come to canada to be with family

2. Refugee Class: immigrants who come to canada for freedom

3. Independent Class: this class is evaluated according to the points system, which assigns values to attributes to each person based on personal qualities like education and language ability.

Since the years 1900-2013 Canada had accepted around 250,000 immigrants per year and most immigrants which immigrated to Canada are young, suburban, and are mainly from Asia although Africans are arriving in growing numbers. "The new survey of almost three million people shows that Canada is home to 6.8 million foreign-born residents or 20.6 per cent of the population, compared with 19.8 per cent in 2006." (Canadian Press)

With this information provided I can predict that by 2050 there will be about 4.8 per cent of immigrates from Asia and Africa which will be immigrating to Canada because in 8 years starting 2006-2014 the percent increased by 0.8 percent so I am assuming by 2050 there will be about 4.8 per cent.


Birth Rate

From the years 1960-2012 Canada's birth rate level overall has been near 10-20 babies per 1000 people. According to the level of other countries Canada is very good at birth control unlike other countries like Niger, Cambodia, Yemen, Rwanda, Angola, Mali, Malawi, Benin, Cote d'lvoire, and Afghanistan which had over 50 babies per 1000 people. This means that these 10 countries have lack of birth control. There are way more countries that have high birth rate levels but these are the highest 10.

With this information provided I think by 2050 Canada's birth rate will be better around 5-10 babies per 1000 people and the other countries like the top 10 might go a bit higher because it has lack of birth control and they still might not care. I believe that each family should have around 1-2 babies because as u can see some countries which have a high birth rate cannot afford to pay for all the material they need to live with and the kids will not have good education. An example is Niger it has a birth rate of 53.38 babies per 1000 people and I am positive that they cannot afford a lot to eat and do not have a lot of money for there kids to get education.

Death Rate

Children are one of the most happiest thing you can get but in some areas of the world were there is lack of birth control children unfortunately also have to die, the following countries are the worlds top 10 which have the most number of children dying under the age of 5: Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Mali, Somalia, Central African Republic, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Angola. The number 1 country which had the most number of births per 1000 people was Niger and Niger is not one of top 10 country in deaths but it is number 11. Although currently Niger is not in the top 10 it was in the top 10 around the years of 1980-1990.

I can predict that by 2050 the number of deaths of children under the age of 5 can decrease only if the births per 1000 people decreases too. If the lack of birth control decrease than eventually the deaths will also decrease because since there are about 4-5 kids per family not everybody got enough food and the families also had less money to feed there family and give them education.

Hans Rosling: Religions and babies



In conclusion I would like to say that countries all over the world can get to the point where everyone gets full education, clean water and food to eat, nice houses to sleep in only if they try to decrease the number of babies they are trying to have in each family because if there are a lot of people in each family then not everybody gets everything and NO EDUCATION. Each family should have at least 1-2 babies but not more than 3 because then you will want to have more and more and eventually the more you have the sooner one will die because of starvation.


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