What crabs do

Most shore crabs are active in the dark.They move over rocks and sand looking for food.

Whether they live in the water or on shore all crabs have the same part of body.

The eyes of a crab are located in the ends stalks that can move in all derecions.

Did you know if a crabs foot falls off it grows back.

Where crabs hide or live

Many crabs hide in burrows or holes.When they are scared some shore crabs rapidly

make a hole in the sand and dig them selfs in it.Other crabs have permanent

burrows that serve as there homes.When the ocean tide begins to rise a fiddler crab goes into it's burrow and plugs the entrance with pallets of sand.

Where crabs we know live

Most of the crabs we use for food live in waters of the sea.Blue crabs are found in the Atlantic of coast North America.The large king crab lives in the cold waters of the North Pacific.Both of these kinds of crabs caught in large numbers by commercial fishing companies.

Did you know

Shore birds mostly like crabs.If there flying over the ocean and there hungry they will look for crabs and eat them.

Crabs eyes

This ghost crab has very long eyes stalks that give it a wide range of vision.