Jean Segura Hit By Pitch

By Emma Hock from Hock Times

Last night, April 7th, the Brewers continued their series with the Rockies. With Matt Garza starting for the Brewers at Miller Park, Jordan Lyles of the Rockies successfully pitched for a win. The final score was Rockies 5-2.

One thrilling event from the game last night was when the Brewers shortstop Jean Segura got plunked in the face while batting. All the fans gasped, as they knew a 100 mph fastball to the face could potentially be an end to a player's career. Segura was instantly down, but he still headed to first after being checked by the team's trainer. In fact, that at bat scored one of the two runs for that night, and he even got another hit later in the game. Segura said after the game, "I thought my nose was broken."

Long story short, no damage was done to Segura, and he will not miss any games.