Tech at Orchard Hills

Behind the Scenes with the Digital Learning Coach

Quarter 1- Up and Running!

2015 is the third year of teaching and learning in a 1:1 iPad environment; both students and teachers were up and running iPads in hand by the end of September. Eight teachers have signed on as Digital Learning fellows and will meet weekly to plan, design and implement standards based lessons supported by technology. In addition, all teachers can book appointments for technology and instructional support with OH's new DLC Gina Dearborn.

Quarter 2- Building Capacity

Teach Meets

Successful infusion of technology into teaching and learning is an ongoing journey. Every teacher and student is at a different spot in the road. One of the roles of a DLC is to build capacity by training teachers and supporting their journey to become tech leaders at their site. To continue to build capacity at Orchard Hills we have launched monthly "Teach Meets" during faculty meetings. Teachers present a lesson and highlight how technology either engaged their students, allowed for enrichment or a greater depth of thinking/learning or efficiency. Thank you to Mrs. Ronce and Mrs. Rifkin for sharing Google Classroom and Mrs. Fowler and Mrs. Carlos for sharing Verso.

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