Family Living

Sam, Sarah, Dakota, Morgan

Prohibited Relationships

Consanguineous marriages- marriages of people related by blood, can result in defective children. Most states prohibit this.

Marriages between 1st and 2nd cousins are also prohibited.

Marriages of affinity= marriages of people related by marriage

Common-law Marriages

Couples are not yet bound by law, they simply started living together. This is valid in some states.

This happens because the couple doesn't want to wait for a judge or minister to marry them.

Property and inheritance rights apply as legal marriage, and children of the couple are legitimate.

The Marriage Officiate

Officiate- the person who can legally marry a couple

Civil weddings- may be performed by certain judicial officials, and in some states, by certain public officials. Chosen by people who want to elope.

Ceremonial wedding- Go with customs. Church, pastor, cake, bouquet, the whole nine yards!

Changing Your Name

Custom, not a law.

Most women take the the last name of their husband.

You could also hyphen your last name as well. Example: Sarah Wille- McGraw


  • Signifies the start of a couple's life together
  • Announces the marriage to the public
  • Satisfies the legal requirements of the state