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American Natural Superfood Review – Does American Natural Superfood Works? Is It Worth to Buy? Any Side Effects? Read My Reviews To Find All Truth Here!!

Product Name: American Natural Superfood

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The struggle to lose weight and body fat is real. We are all looking for new ways to stop those unwanted pounds piling up and ruining our health. Some of us are also tired of buying new clothes or hate taking group photos. More than 50% of Americans deal with weight gain and are actively looking to lose fat.

The great news is that the Healthy Living Association have just released a program that is absolutely safe and works perfectly for both men and women who want to lose weight naturally. This program is called American Natural Superfood and works by inhibiting hunger and by boosting the metabolism.

So many people see little to no results because they do not know the true cause of weight gain. Even if they try eating more protein, exercising more or drinking
more water, their waist remains the same. The truth is that eating too much protein of the wrong kind or trying other diets slows down the body metabolism and prevents you from losing fat.

The best way to lose fat naturally is to give up animal protein and to focus on natural foods that decrease your insulin levels. Once your insulin level is fixed, your body’s natural fat burning hormones start working extra hours and melt all your fat away.

What is American Natural Superfood?

American Natural Superfood is a natural, sugar free formula which is extremely rich in plant-based protein. This formula developed by Dr. Patrick Conrad in conjunction with the Healthy Living Association, claims to help your body produce more cells, regulate metabolism, remove fat cells and help you get more lean muscle.

The ingredients in the American Natural Superfood formula work together to inhibit hunger, stop your sugar cravings and help you convert accumulated fat into
energy. Thus, your body will no longer store fat cells, but muscle cells. At he same time, all the extra fat your body won’t need will be converted into energy.

American Natural Superfood is a potent pea protein powder that can be mixed with water for maximum impact. It doesn’t just serve as a great meal replacement, but it also gets your body into a state of ketosis and enables you to lose weight by the minute.

Compared to most other green mixes available on the market, this pea protein shake is naturally sweetened with stevia and has a gorgeous taste. You will definitely love how it tastes. Finally a superfood designed for all adult taste buds.

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So who the heck is Dr. Patrick Conrad?

Dr. Patrick Conrad, the mastermind behind this product, is a real doctor with a real medical degree. He has over 3 decades of experience in the medical field, and he has helped tens of thousands of people to lose weight naturally.

His latest product, the American Natural Superfood course, is one of his own inventions. Feeling tired all the time and packing on weight and fat, he decided to find a formula that would enable him to lose weight naturally while packing on muscle. Of course, he didn’t have time to go to gym, so he had to find a solution that would give him all the benefits exercising does to the body.

He turned to green drinks, and he soon discovered that there is much more than meets the eye. In addition to the horrid taste, greens lacked two vital components: proteins and probiotics. He then went on to create a powerful drink that could live up to its name. This is how the American Natural Superfood was born.

Does American Natural Superfood Actually Work?

The secret behind this product is that it contains only plant-based protein. Scientists from the Healthy Living Association have found out that animal-based protein spikes insulin. A high level of insulin in the body leads to storage of fat cells into the body. Conversely, a low level of insulin regulates the metabolism and enables your body to function properly.

Moreover, it contains just the right amount of probiotics to help your body flush out all toxins. American Natural Superfood powder cleanses your body and enables you to achieve your dream body in just a matter of weeks. This product makes use of pea protein to help skyrocket the fat burning process and to enable you to pack on muscle, all naturally.

The plant-based protein works amazingly well for both men and women. Its probiotic and digestive enzyme blend allows you to lose weight and keep it off in just 3 months. All you need to do is drink a shake daily and your metabolism will regulate by itself.

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American Natural Superfood Pros:

  • American Natural Superfood is super easy to use, tastes delicious and is a perfect meal replacement.

  • Helps you save money on food and on dieting pills.

  • This is a vegan friendly product, with no added sugar. It is also GMO free, sugar free, gluten free, peanut free, and the list goes on.

  • It is designed in the US with 100% natural ingredients.

  • The production process follows the strictest guidelines possible.

  • This healthy drink tastes really nice.

  • This potent formula helps you lose weight while at the same time enables you to build lean muscle mass.

  • American Natural Superfood gives you more energy throughout the day and gives you the stamina needed to get going.

  • Free Shipping & Handling.

American Natural Superfood Cons:

  • No available free trial.

  • The return policy is not detailed.

  • You can only purchase it online.


American Natural Superfood is not just another paleo or green weight loss diet. This scientifically-backed powder contains only natural ingredients that have been proven to fix your metabolism and enhance the fat burning hormones in your body. Dr. Patrick Conrad has managed to do a terrific job when designing this product.

What you will definitely love about this weight-loss solution is that, on top of it all, you get flawless customer service. You can contact the team behind American Natural Superfood either via phone or email, and you bet they will come back to you ASAP. They will assist you with anything, from vital information to returns and even special offers.