Monday Memo MARCH 21

This week's Wyatt h APP enings~

Spring Fling/Roo Run

We did our best to fire everyone up at the assembly - it seemed like everyone had a blast! Thanks to all who helped pull it together in a very short amount of time!

I believe Mrs. Boone sent out a message that basket contributions will be collected for the next four days. Next week they begin shopping, followed by wrapping the baskets on April 5 and throughout the week until they are finished. We'll be showing these mini videos throughout the month to keep the kids excited... please remember to check your leader boards often. Here's the first video if you want to show it today. Although the main idea is to register, some of your kids probably have done so and some have not, so this could be helpful in encouraging them to do it.

Video #1: Getting Registered

What did we learn from a false alarm?

Friday's fire alarm was a surprise to all! Even me! The great thing about drills is what we learn from them. The first thing we learned is that we need to make some adjustments to our exit plan. When the fire alarm sounds throughout the building, the pod doors immediately close and lock (as long as the locks have been set) Students and teachers who typically travel from the front of the building, like 1st grade, Art, PACE, and cross the hall to exit through 2nd, or 3rd grade are stuck once the pods are locked. We'll be looking at having students exit from their side of the building.

The other thing we learned is what happens when the cover is knocked off the alarm - it's actually a two-step process before the building alarm sounds. When the clear plastic cover is removed, only an alert is sounded. This is not heard anywhere except for at the site where it happened. The building alarm is sounded when the trigger is pulled on the red part of the alarm. That's a two-step process as well. So, just know that if you are with students and this happens, you have time to put that plastic cover back on - it's not an actual fire alarm until the red trigger has been pulled.

But, more good news! We have done our fire drill for March!

Shelter Drill

Expect a drill today! If there are times that would be terrible for your grade level please let Chris know.

Growth Mindset Kids!

Each team sent in names of students you are specifically working with on developing growth mindset. We are keeping a binder of profiles on these students. Please send in a brief comment about how your student is doing. It can be an email - send to Chris - do it this week if you can. It can be simple - "I've seen progress with ____ in this way" or I have not really noticed progress, student continues to .....

If Chris and I can help you in any way please just ask. We are happy to have a conversation with any student who needs a pep talk!


Not everyone knows this but both Cindi Griffin and Terry Allen were nominated for the Superintendent's Award! I know you will all agree that they are both very deserving! Be sure to congratulate them when you get a chance. In Terry's case, because he has not actually completed two years in the district, his recognition will have to wait to another year. But, we certainly appreciate all that he does for us every single day. Some of you may want to come to the banquet so see Debbie ASAP for those details.

As you know, Donna has decided to hang out with the grand kids next year (they are so lucky) So she's will retire at the end of this year. She will be certainly be missed and will also be recognized at this banquet.

Others getting their service pins are Jim and Cheryl (10 years), Jennifer Q., Lisa, Geri, (15 years), Beth and Coach Tammy (20 years) Congrats to all!

Anyone planning to go to this banquet should let Debbie know today!


Remember we will be building our own Nachos in the Teacher's Lounge on Thursday! Yum! Bring your stuff as per the flyer sent out by Corinne! Thanks for planning this for us!



21 - 4th Nine Weeks Begins!

22 - STAAR TRAINING during planning

23 - Kami Baby Shower

24 - MARCH MADNESS LUNCH; Report Cards sent home

25 - Good Friday we are off

29 - 5th Gr. STAAR MATH; 4th Gr. Writing; 3rd grade Heritage Farm

30 - 5th Gr. STAAR READING



4 - STAAR ALT begins

5 - 1st Grade Program

6 - Principal Meeting;

7 - Retirement Banquet/Superintendent Awards 5:00 Southfork

11 - Student Council Meeting 2:30 - 3:30


16 - ROO RUN/Spring Fling